top 5 best places to live for young families!

We based our decision on factors such as affordability, safety, education, etc. Let’s get started!

and we narrowed it down to the

It's 2021

Ann Arbor

and offers excellent education for your young ones! There are dozens of parks and activities for both children and parents.

It's home to the world-class

University of Michigan



with many educational opportunities and amazing healthcare.

Also one of the safest cities in the State. This is such a vibrant and

diverse coastal city


Colorado          Springs

This place is perfect for anyone who loves the high quality of life and living amongst beautiful mountains. Excellent schools, abundance of job opportunities. 


Des Moines

This is a small place with tons to offer. Besides

and a

there are many fun events in Des Moines, that way you’ll never be bored living here. 

safe environment

great schools


Green Bay

Its known for

of being one of the best places to live. 

Affordable cost of living, numerous festivals, and great education is what make Green Bay

thriving sports scene


top 5 best places for young families to live in 2021!

There you have it folks,

and yours is simply to pick whatever place works best for you!

All of these places have

wonderful qualities