We presented to you some of the challenges of moving through some laughter!

If there’s anything we can all relate to - it's moving! 

Yes, moving day is a hectic day, but take a deep breath and relax, you got this!


DIY move? Drake doesn’t want to hear it, even he knows hiring professional movers like Zip Moving & Storage is a great idea!

Hiring Movers or DIY Move

Instead of throwing your belongings in the trash, organize a yard sale or donate your unwanted items before your move. This way, the packing will be faster and less expensive.


Sometimes it feels like it takes a scientist to figure out how to get your sofa through the door! moving bulky furniture can result in damage to your walls if you’re not careful.

Bulky Furniture

Make unpacking easy by labeling your boxes during the packing process. Pro tip: pack a separate box of essentials that you’ll need the first night of your move in.


Relax and take a look at our moving meme

Need to move?

All done, you did it! And if you hire professionals, you’ll have much less to stress and worry about.