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The Fun Side of Moving

Moving Memes

Moving Memes
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At Zip Moving & Storage, we love helping our customers by creating informative content about moving. In this article, we thought to add a little bit of moving humor for some much-needed comedic relief. Read on for a compilation of moving memes that we can all surely relate to!

Moving humor

Moving doesn’t have to be stressful!  Zip Moving & Storage can show you the other side of moving, so let’s laugh together and make moving fun!

Me thinking about moving vs the actual moving day
Preparing the budget for the move aaand it's gone
When you are searching for moving companies in the middle of the summer, instead of tropical destiantions
When you move to your new place, but you haven't started unpacking
When I see the price of my move

Need to Move

Moving to Maryland

I need to move to Maryland

i need to move to washington

I need to move to Washington

Moving Day

Brace yourself moving day is comming meme

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves! Many things that can go very right or very wrong on moving day. Simply put, life happens, so be sure to be prepared for the best and worst case scenarios.

Guess what day it is moving day

Yes, moving day is a hectic day, but take a deep breath and relax, you got this!

This is moving day

It may feel like you’re preparing for war, but you can do it!

Hiring Movers or DIY Move

Not sure if i should throw my back out or hire moving help

Given the high likelihood of waking up the morning after a move with back pain from carrying that large sofa yourself, calling the professionals to take care of all of the heavy lifting isn’t such a bad idea.

Diy move what could go wrong

Professional movers are trained and highly experienced with the right skills and knowledge to carry out a seamless move. A DIY move could quickly start to resemble the picture above! 

Moving alone hiring movers

DIY move? Drake doesn’t want to hear it, even he knows hiring professional movers like Zip Moving & Storage is a great idea!

I dont always help my friends move but when i do

Ah yes, we all have that one friend, right? Your friends love you and want to help, but I don’t think anyone is truly ecstatic to spend their whole day carrying your heavy belongings up and down stairs!


You cant spend too much time packing your stuff

Instead of throwing your belongings in the trash, organize a yard sale or donate your unwanted items before your move. This way, the packing will be faster and less expensive.

Boxes boxes everywhere

Moving is a hectic time, and in the packing process there can be boxes cluttering your entire home. One piece of advice we can give: pack room by room, and keep your boxes labelled and in one area.

I should start packing

Don’t we all feel this way about packing for a move? When you hire professionals, you can sit back and relax while they do all of the packing for you.

Coping with moving stress

i told you we should have hired professional movers

That’s what happens when your husband forgets to call professional movers. You’re in for one long, stressful ride to your new home.

he must be thinking about other girls tomorrow is moving day

The mere fact that a moving day is approaching is enough to completely occupy your thoughts even during bedtime and someone can feel jealous about it.

pivot happy moving day everybody

We know how moving bulky furniture can be stressful, so sometimes we all have to remember Ross and just say, as loud as possible, PIVOT!

Bulky Furniture

How to get your big sofa through the door

Sometimes it feels like it takes a scientist to figure out how to get your sofa through the door! Be careful, moving bulky furniture can result in damage to your walls if you’re not careful.

Moving a piano aint nobody got time for that

Moving a piano is not a small task. Pianos are expensive, bulky items that are tricky to move…no wonder it’s an extra charge for moving pianos!


Unpacking when you didnt label your boxes

Make unpacking easy by labeling your boxes during the packing process. Pro tip: pack a separate box of essentials that you’ll need the first night of your move in.

One does not simply pack and unpack

We’ve all been here. Unpacking usually takes us way longer than packing. One piece of advice we can give is to start unpacking room by room until you’re all finished.


Its over I finally finished moving

All done, you did it! And if you hire professionals, you’ll have much less to stress and worry about.

Moving Meme. Done moving, time to blackout.

The best part about moving is finally being able to relax and have a drink after the big day! 

We hope you had a good laugh reading this. If you’re planning a move and want to avoid these common problems we all encounter, call Zip Moving & Storage and let us take the heavy load off your shoulders!