What is Online Quote?

What is Online Quote?

Our online quote system is designed to help our clients stay informed along every step of their relocation. With your online account, you can receive a quick moving estimate, see hourly rates, schedule moves, pay deposits, see company rules and regulations, send messages to your relocation specialist, and more!

Do you need an online account?

You do not need an online account to receive your moving quote, but having one makes it much easier for you to plan and coordinate your move. Our team of experts will calculate a competitive moving quote, which you will then receive directly in your e-mail inbox

Why should I choose Online Quote?

Simple, efficient, and you can complete at any time of the day!

Easily update inventory details, add additional services, or communicate with our customer service team

Zip Moving & Storage is transparent with costs and will support you at every step of your move!

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Dragan Manic

By : Dragan Manic