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Finest moving supply bundles, made especially for your needs

As a certified moving company with years of experience, we know how difficult it can be to find quality moving supplies. When relocating, you want to make sure your valuable items are safely packed and stored. That’s why we offer the finest moving supplies tailored to fit your needs.

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Relocating can be challenging and difficult. You will have to think about many different tasks, and you can easily feel overwhelmed. Our moving company wanted to help. Moving is time-consuming, so we advise you to get quality packing supplies as soon as possible. Zip Moving & Storage can provide you with the finest moving supply bundles.

We choose only the best packing materials for our customers, and we decided to sort them into packages. You can decide which package suits your needs best. Your belongings will be safe in our sturdy boxes wrapped in tape and quality packing paper! Our moving supplies are designed for transportation, so you can be sure that all your belongings will be safely relocated to your new home.

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Zip's moving bundles are designed to offer you everything you need for a perfect move!

We wanted to give our customers the best options for different types of moves. That is why our moving company has a professional, experienced team that knows what moving supply bundle is perfect for you. Once you purchase your moving materials, we can deliver them to your door before your moving day.  Choose your moving bundle and ensure yourself a great moving experience!