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How Much Do Packers and Movers Charge Per Hour?

For a typical local move – a team of one packer and one mover  – the prices range from $110 -$130 per hour. Our team is composed of professional packers and expert movers. Poor packing material and unqualified movers often bring more trouble than anticipated, so, when searching for a moving company, money saving options aren’t always the best choice. You can trust our experienced team for a job well done!

  • Two packers/movers at $55.00 per hour per worker: $110.00 per hour total
  • Three packers/movers at $50.00 per hour per worker: $150.00 per hour total
  • Four packers/movers at $45.00 per hour per worker: $180.00 per hour

When moving both locally and long distance, you should get an estimate that will include a rate for packing services.

professional packing vs Amateur packing

Packing estimate/prices

Every move is unique, therefore the prices shown below are rough estimates. The prices include labor and they vary depending on time taken to complete the job.

*Estimated Packing charges examples

1-bedroom apartment$550 - $650
2-bedroom house$700 - $820
3-bedroom house$950 - $1200
4-bedroom house$1800 - $2150

Top 3 packing options for our moving service

If your time is valuable to you then you may be interested in our Full Packing Service. This stress-free service allows you to sit back and let our expert team pack and prepare your belongings for transport. 

You have 3 amazing packing options available:

  • Full packing service
  • Partial packing service
  • Packing your own items – it’s free

Why choose Full Packing Service?:

Moving is a time-consuming job, and choosing Full Packing Service will definitely save you some valuable time. We will provide you with the highest quality packing materials to ensure your belongings are safe and secure during transportation.

  • Free time for yourselfMoving on its own is time consuming already, therefore having our professional pack your belongings will allow you to focus on other important tasks. You don’t need to make endless trips to Home Depot, since there is a chance you will overestimate or underestimate packing materials for your move. 
  • Top quality packing materials- Professional movers also provide you with the highest quality packing materials, that insure your belongings will be safe and secure during transportation.
  • Professional packing service by experts- Our team is certified and experienced in packing all of your belongings in a timely manner. Using special techniques, know your belongings will be perfectly wrapped and packed.
  • Less chances for damages- Professionals are specifically trained in packing your belongings so there are no damages, which on the other hand often happens if customers do them packing themselves.


Alternatively, if you have a constrained budget, you may be interested in our Partial Packing Service.

Why choose Partial Packing Service?

Partial packing is a great option if you are on a budget but would like to secure your expensive and fragile items professionally.
You will be provided with an expert packing team plus the best-quality packing materials. Our movers will professionally wrap your TV, glass tops, mirrors, and other valuable items.

  • Reduce packaging costs- You will be provided with an expert packing team plus the best quality packing materials, and all for a great price. Purchasing packing supplies on your own can result in overspending and going over your budget. 
  • Packing provided for the most fragile items (TVs, glass tops, mirrors,etc)- Partial packing is a great option if you are on a budget but would like to professionally secure your expensive and fragile items. Our movers will professionally wrap your TV, glass tops, mirrors, and other items we found our customers have difficulties with.

Why choose Free Packing Service?

If you are moving from a storage unit and all your items are properly packed, we would highly recommend you choose our Free Packing Service. This option is also great for all those who decide to pack items on their own and have already bought wraps, boxes, and moving blankets.

Lastly, if time is on your side, we offer the Self Pack option. We will help you estimate your needs and provide quality boxes, tape and packing paper. 

Check out our affordable packing plans below!


Choose The Plan That Best Suits Your Moving Needs

Self Pack

Budget plan
$ 0
  • You pack the contents of your home
  • We pad wrap your furniture and ship

Partial Packing

The most common choice
$ 60
Starting from
  • You pack the items you’d like to pack yourself
  • We pack any remaining items, up to 10 boxes included at this price
  • We disassemble and pad wrap your furniture

Full Packing

First class moving service
$ 225
Starting from
  • We provide the materials and pack the contents of your home
  • We disassemble and pad wrap your furniture

Factors That Affect the Cost to Hire Movers

The cost of hiring movers can be influenced by several key factors:

  • Quantity of items being moved – The total number of items, including furniture, boxes, and any other belongings, will significantly impact the cost. More items typically require more time and resources, thus increasing the overall price.
  • Availability of stairs or elevators – The presence of stairs or elevators in either the current location or the destination can affect the cost. Moving items up or down stairs usually requires more effort and time, while elevators can help reduce the workload but might involve wait times that can add to the duration.
  • Degree of packing or preparation – How well items are packed and prepared for the move can influence the cost. Movers may charge extra for packing services or for handling items that are not properly packed. Efficient packing can reduce the time and effort needed for the move.
  • Distance from location A to location B – The distance between the starting point and the destination is a crucial factor. Longer distances generally lead to higher costs due to increased travel time, fuel consumption, and potential tolls or other travel-related expenses.
  • The Date of the Move – The timing of the move can also affect the cost. Moving during peak seasons, such as summer or around holidays, can be more expensive due to higher demand. Additionally, moving on weekends or at the beginning or end of the month may also result in higher prices.

If you have any other question, visit our FAQ page or contact us at 855-947-6547!


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