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Housewarming Wishes

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You probably thought to yourself many times, how do I wish someone a good move?

What better way than a housewarming card!

Purchasing a house and moving is a huge deal in every person’s lifetime. There is a lot of time and effort that goes into looking for a perfect home, relocating and starting fresh. 

Whether they are your family, friends or colleagues, showing up to a housewarming party or simply stopping by for a coffee and bringing a card with your housewarming wishes will be much appreciated. This small gesture goes a long way and it will definitely help them in this transition phase and bring a sense of motivation for the next steps ahead.

First time buyers wishes

Buying a house for the first time is once in a lifetime experience, below are some great housewarming quotes for first time buyers, and you can even add a personal touch.

Bye-bye, renting…Hello, home ownership! Congratulations on your first house!

Congratulations on buying your first house! It looks like it’s going to be a wonderful place to get started.

I just couldn’t be happier for you as you get settled in to your very first home.

A home is a haven for love, memories and happiness. Congratulations for getting yours.

Simple welcome home quotes

We’ve all been there, where we just don’t know what to write on a housewarming card. If you want to keep it short and simple, these quotes are for you.

Best wishes as you settle into your new place! I hope you have fun making it all yours.

Wishing your family all the best as you make your new house a home.

Here’s to your new HQ! May all your present and future operations prosper there!

Sending warmest wishes for your new home. May it always be filled with laughter and love.

Funny wishes

Writing funny housewarming wishes is always a good idea. Starting a new chapter of your life through laughter is always a plus.

Congratulations.. For moving all your stuff from one place to another!

May this new house be as chaotic and littered as your earlier one. Happy housewarming my dear friend.

Your biggest mistake was letting me know where you live. Now I'll be visiting often.

Famous quotes for a new home

Following housewarming wishes come from famous people, and talk about the true meaning of having a home.

There is no place like home.

A house is made with walls and beams; a home is built with love and dreams.

Nothing can bring a real sense of security into the home except true love.

May your walls know joy; may every room hold laughter and every window open to great possibility.

Housewarming wishes for friends

We have prepared some more personal messages for your friends’ housewarming wishes.

Happy new home! I know it can be tough moving house – invite me over for some drinks and I’ll help you get set up. Let’s have a blast at the house warming party.’

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