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Details, details, details… Have you left out any belongings? Often the attic, garage, and patio have hidden treasures. Be sure to account for items tucked away. Confirm your inventory is accurate and update the estimate with any last minute additions

The following questions are directed to individuals residing in buildings and places with restricted parking areas: ask your office if they require a Certificate of Insurance (COI). Find out where the movers should park and what hours are available for use of the elevator. Also, determine if there is a time restriction in place for the movers. If you have a building manager/property owner please keep them informed of the moving details, if necessary.

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Get your belongings all packed up! Better yet, have Zip Moving & Storage professionally wrap and pack so you can take it easy. If you did not purchase packing remember to unpack cabinets, drawers, and desks. They should not be moved full of belongings while in the furniture unit. If left full, the movers may have to empty drawers on the spot. This is not ideal and you will be charged for any packing left undone.


Be sure that anything you do not want to be loaded in the truck is off of boxes, couch ends, etc. Movers do not wish to disturb keys, paperwork, or travel essentials. Additionally, personal items and high-value items you plan to carry separately should be set aside, apart from the things to be moved. Lastly, check out the Zip Moving & Storage website for the list of household goods movers cannot transport for you, such as plants and combustibles.
Zip Moving & Storage is here for you! If there are questions that come to mind please do not hesitate to contact the office.

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