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What To Expect On Moving Day?

Moving day is a process to say the least. After careful planning, meticulous organization and laborious work will all pay off on this single day- moving day. When you schedule your move with Zip Moving & Storage, you will not have a worry on your mind, since our team works hard to make sure your relocation goes smoothly and as planned.

There are many questions you will ask yourself, when will the movers arrive, will they take apart my big furniture etc? 

Here is what you can expect from our team on the moving day:

  • Time of arrival
  • Arriving fully equipped
  • Walkthrough with the customer
  • Customer service call
  • Signing paperwork
  • Transportation of shipment
  • Follow up call

Time of arrival

On moving day, the movers will call the customer 30-40 minutes prior to their arrival and let them know they are on the way.

Arriving fully equipped

The customer doesn’t have to worry if they’ll need certain tools for their move. Our team always arrives on the job with our own company trucks fully equipped ready to overcome any obstacles we might come across.

Walkthrough with the customer

Our team of movers are very well prepared and know all the details about your move prior to their arrival. Once they arrive, together with the customer they will do a walkthrough of their home and ensure the number of boxes, items matches with the records. If by any chance there are more items on the moving day than agreed, our movers will create a revised written estimate on the spot and fix the price according to how many belongings you are moving.

Customer service call

We want to ensure everything is running smoothly on the move day, and that you are happy. During the move you will receive a call from our customer service representative, and are there to answer any questions you might have.

Signing paperwork

It is crucial to have all of your important moving paperwork on you on the big day. The movers will arrive with documents as well, that both parties will look over, and if it looks good, the customer signs it and the crew can start loading the shipment in the moving truck.

Transportation of shipment

Once everything is loaded into the truck, the transportation of shipment will begin. Now, depending if the move is long-distance the delivery of shipment will take a few days, and if it's local it will be delivered and your items carefully unloaded the same day.

Follow up call

A few days after your move, our customer service representative will do a follow up, making sure you are happy with our services, that everything went well and that you had no problem settling into your new home.


Preparing for moving day can be overwhelming and exciting. The planning process for a move is quite intensive. After the full estimate is complete and the moving date is chosen there are still details to consider. A moving day checklist is the ultimate requirement when it comes to organization.

What to Expect on Moving Day?

Here is a general outline to follow for a smooth moving day:

  • Get an early start
  • Make sure your phone is fully charged
  • Keep essential items with you
  • Make a checklist of last-minute items 
  • Greet the movers
  • Supervise the packing process
  • Devise a plan for kids and pets
  • Leave time for clean up or hire a cleaning crew 
  • Double-check for forgotten items

Have an early start

Plan an early bedtime the day before the big move. Moving day will be long and will require both physical and mental power. An early start will allow you to pack away last-minute items before the movers arrive. Pro tip: wear comfortable clothes!

Charge your phone

This may seem obvious, but it’s important nonetheless. Auxiliary charges are a good precaution as well. To prevent papers from being misplaced it is a good idea to have your checklists on your phone. Pack the phone charger in your essentials bag to keep things simple.

Pack essential items

Pack your phone charger, important documents, your wallet, any necessary medications and a change of clothes. Include items you use on a daily basis such as toiletries. If you are moving long-distance, make sure you pack clothes for the climate at your new home.

Make a checklist of items

Staying as organized as possible is important for an otherwise hectic day. The list can be shared among family members to keep each other in the loop. Crossing items off the list once they are packed and loaded will give you peace of mind and a clear path to follow.

Greet the movers

Zip Moving & Storage will give you a call when they begin heading towards your location. Once they arrive you will speak with the driver who is usually the team leader for the move. At this point, you will be able to provide the movers any additional information. The team leader will go over the inventory to move and assess the condition of each item. The team leader will also provide the necessary paperwork. Make sure you fully understand the contract and ask any questions before signing it.

Supervise the packing process

The movers will begin the process by unloading blankets, tape, boxes and other moving supplies. It is a prudent idea to oversee the packing and loading process. Being present during the packing process will help keep track of items and cross them off of the checklist.

Don’t let kids & pets roam free

Front and back doors will be opened and shut frequently so contain pets and kids to prevent anyone from running off or getting hurt. It may make sense to have a pet/babysitter on hand to keep little ones from getting in the way

Clean up

After everything is packed and loaded there will be dust and debris. Leave some essential cleaning items unpacked to assist with the final clean up. If your home is scheduled to be shown or sold, consider budgeting for a cleaning company to do the dirty work

Double Check

Do a final walk-through after the moving truck is loaded to ensure you are ready to go. Better safe than sorry!

Moving is an ordeal, but this moving day guideline aims to help you break down the process to assist you in managing your big day. Rely on Zip Moving & Storage to get the job done!