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Starting your moving process is an exciting time! By procuring the types of specific moving boxes you need early, you can avoid problems that you may encounter later in your moving process. Before buying miscellaneous boxes, make a list of the items you will be packing.

How to Store Clothes For Transportation

Due diligence will allow you to choose suitable moving boxes without purchasing too many. Moving boxes come in many different sizes and have been designed for moving specific items. The following list will discuss options and recommendations to help your move be as smooth as possible.

Types of Moving Boxes - Sizes and Packing Options

Having moving boxes by your side while moving is crucial. Here’s a quick rundown on the different types of moving boxes:

Small Box – A small box, also known as a book box, is a 1.5ft3 box most commonly used for heavier items such as books, CDs, canned goods, or any items that will not break under the weight of other items. Small boxes are usually loaded into the moving trucks first.

Small cardboard moving box

Medium Box – This 3ft3 box is used for packing clothes, electronics, or miscellaneous items from desk drawers or kitchen cabinets. Once loaded, these boxes are positioned in the middle of the moving truck because they are not excessively heavy.

Medium-sized cardboard moving box

Large Box – With its 4.5ft3 capacity, this box is perfect for packing bulky items that do not weigh much – bedding, pillows, sweaters, stuffed toys, couch pillows, etc. Expert movers load these boxes towards the top of the moving trucks.

Large cardboard moving box

Wardrobe Moving Box – With 8.6ft3 volume and a height of 46 inches, this box is perfect for hanging clothes that you do not want to get wrinkled during your relocation and for clothes that are usually hung in a closet.

Wardrobe cardboard moving box

Dish Box – This 5.2ft3 box is specifically designed for packing delicate items such as glasses, plates, crystal, ceramics, and other fragile items. A dish box is reinforced with a double wall for extra durability. The professional packers at Zip Moving & Storage do not recommend reusing these dish boxes, as the structural integrity of the cardboard may be compromised during a move.

Dish cardboard moving box

Picture/Mirror Box – this 3ft3 box is usually used for large mirrors, picture frames, TVs, glass shelves, or glass tabletops. The box comes in 4 interlocking pieces which can be adjusted for the size of the item being packed.


Everyone likes some competitions among friends. That is why we put 3 of these popular stores head to head to see which one would be the best option when it comes to packing materials. Be warned, the actual box sizes and shapes, and the amount of tape, look very different at each location. The moving supplies and the moving kits are different from store to store. Below are the different types of boxes and their prices for each store.

Book box$1.39$1.38$1.33
Medium box$1.85$1.98$1.88
Large box$2.35$2.83$2.41
Dish box$6.95$6.98$4.88
Mirror pack$9.95//
TV pack$22.95$33.98$39.98
Wardrobe box$13.95$17.98$17.48
Packing Paper 200 sheets$9.95$23.98$22.98
Tape 30 yards$3.95$4.24$4.66

Also worth mentioning is the program U-Haul started called Take a Box Leave a Box. After a move, customers can drop off still-good boxes at the nearest U-Haul. There you can pick them up and reuse them for free. Remember to return any good boxes left after your move is done. Pay it forward.

how to move Plants

TIP: Rethink the idea of getting Moving Kits from any of these stores. They might seem like a good deal but they are usually double the price of individual items combined.


Online shopping is as fickle as it always has been and it is no different for moving boxes. In comparison to the boxes from the stores, there isn’t that much difference regarding the size and shapes of boxes. The boxes tend to look very different from website to website. But not to worry, we have made a little comparison in pricing for websites as well. Below are some popular websites where you can order boxes for your move.

 U-LINEUsed CB BoxesUBoxes
Book box$1.58 25min$2.07 25min$2.18 25min
Medium box$2.67  20min$2.74  20min$3.28  20min
Large box$3.39  15min$4.16  12min$5.46  12min
Dish box$10.68 5min$12.98  4min$11.68  4min
Mirror pack$4.49  20min$8.65  3min$14.84  3min
TV pack$20.70  5min$30.94  1min
Wardrobe box$22.65  5min$17.31  1min$19.97  1min
Packing Paper 400 sheets$41.00  1min$41.95  1min$34.95  1min
Tape 30 yards$5.25  6min$5.23  2min$4.70  4min has the most variety for boxes for any type of move. They have specialized boxes for anything, from artwork to bicycles. is an amazing environmentally conscious company. They take rejected boxes that were originally ordered by a manufacturer or retailer. The boxes might have a slight logo flaw or a label issue and then they give these cardboard boxes a new life. Last time we checked they saved 3,794,119 trees! is another kool resource to try. Simply select your area, then search for “free boxes” in the search bar at the top of the page. 

Facebook isn’t only for posting family photos and unnecessary statuses. You can search “free moving boxes” in your town and see what pops up. 

There are many options when it comes to finding moving boxes.You can always check out the stores we listed to purchase new boxes, or social media platforms for free boxes to help you save a few dollars.


We know every house is different, but we created moving bundles based on our experience in the moving industry. You can purchase a moving bundle made especially for your particular needs.

If you choose our moving bundles, you won’t have to worry about anything!

STUDIO Moving Kit –  The moving studio kit is specially made for a studio or smaller apartments. It includes moving supplies, boxes of all sizes, and quality packing paper.

1 BEDROOM Moving Kit – This moving bundle is perfect for moving dorms or 1-bedroom apartments. You will find everything you need for a smooth relocation in our kits. It’s specially tailored to fit your needs.

2 BEDROOM Moving Kit – Our 2 bedroom moving bundle offers everything you need for a safe and efficient move. It has everything you need to pack your valuable possessions safely, including cardboard boxes of all sizes, tape rolls, bars, and packing paper.

3 BEDROOM Moving Kit – Zip moving bundles are specially designed for different items, and our 3 bedroom moving kit is no different. This specialized kit contains everything needed for your items to be safely protected and relocated to your new home.

For additional information on how to get free boxes please call our Support Center at 855-947-6543.