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These moving company prices from Zip Moving & Storage are competitive and accurate. Relax and rest easy knowing there are no hidden charges. Your estimated price is guaranteed not to change unless you order additional services, add other items to be moved, or extra weight to be moved. Moving company prices come in all shapes and sizes, but not all moving companies will guarantee your satisfaction.

Please read thoroughly and use care when organizing your belongings. Most of the items listed are likely to be found in the garage, with household cleaning supplies, in the bathroom, or in the kitchen.

Zip Moving & Storage is proud to have the moving price guaranteed and provide unparalleled customer service. The moving company prices are only one variable in selecting the right mover for the job; consider Zip’s 5 star rating on Yelp and Google.


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Please carefully review your estimate for accuracy. If you make any changes to the list of services ordered or the items to be moved, please explicitly disclose the changes before your move date so an updated estimate can be issued to you.

It’s certainly possible to add last minute items but allows patients and the mover will issue you an updated written estimate reflecting the change to the total estimated price. Give as much detail in your information as possible and Zip Moving & Storage will work hard to find a fair price and provide a smooth moving experience.

Go with a company offering the moving price guarantee and GO with Zip Moving & Storage!

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