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The moving company should let you know well in advance when the moving crew will show up. When they do arrive, there will be a driver/van operator who is often the supervisor of the crew – this is your go-to person for any questions or concerns.

The first thing your moving company will do is walk through so you can give them more specific information regarding your Move if there is anything in the house that should not end up in the truck also point any items that you need a special care.After that driver will complete a written inventory of your goods, assessing each item’s condition and assigning it a number for the inventory. Also, a driver will explain all the paperwork that is regard so we can legally transport your belongings to your new place.

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After the paperwork is completed, the movers will protect your carpet and start unloading blankets, tape, boxes, etc. anything that they need to start protecting your furniture.

If you purchased additional services like professional packing, the movers would do that before loading the truck. If you already packed your boxes, they will load that in the truck first to create enough space for padding your furniture. Loading the moving van is last, and it is determined, so that cargo space of a truck is used most efficiently.

Each piece will be blanket wrapped before is taken from the house to the truck, and the movers will load the truck from floor to roof. Heavy furniture will go at the bottom, boxes in the middle and fragile items on the top. Items would be stacked next to each other to prevent shifting of the load.

The movers may bring pieces from different rooms and mix it in the truck to ensure a tight fit but every item is labeled from what room is coming, so at the delivery, you will be able to tell the movers exactly where you want each piece placed.

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