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If you have decided to forego our professional packing service and organize your household without help you may find yourself with many questions. Let our expertise be your packing guide and examine our detailed list of the types of moving boxes available. Please know we are available for any questions or if you decide the workload is overwhelming. We are happy to assist you with packing and wrapping.

First, familiarize yourself with the items you will be packing and think of them as belonging to one of three categories: heavy, bulky, and fragile.

Something about moving boxes


To begin the packing process you need to start with the size of the moving boxes you need. First, familiarize yourself with the items you will be packing and think of them as belonging to one of three categories: heavy, bulky, and fragile. Some items may fit into one or more of the categories, but you get the idea.
For heavy items, you should consider using small and compact book boxes.

  • Book Boxes (1.5 cu ft) are the smallest boxes and should be used for the heaviest items – books, papers, files, CDs, DVDs, canned food and tools/hardware. Usually, these items need minimal wrapping paper or bubble wrap. When packing, fill them to capacity since these cartons often end up on or near the bottom when the truck is loaded.

Bulky items will be perfectly contained in one of the moving boxes below.

  • Medium Boxes (3.0 cu ft) are used for clothing, small electronics, miscellaneous items from desk drawers and kitchen cabinets, shoes etc.
  • Large Moving Boxes (4.5 cu ft) are great for large items that are light – bedding, pillows, sweaters, toys, etc.
  • Extra-Large Moving Boxes (6.0 cu ft) hold the largest items and are mainly loaded toward the top of the truck so keep them relatively light. Use them for packing outdoor cushions, blankets, large pillows.
  • Wardrobe Moving Boxes (18.3 cu ft) can be used for hanging up clothes that you do not want wrinkled. Suits, dresses, shirts, etc. You can also fill out the empty space at the bottom with shoes and hangers.


Fragile items need extra care and should be carefully placed with plenty of cushioned wrapping around them. If you feel uncomfortable wrapping or packing the more breakable items please give us a call and we can lend a hand. Let our experience provide you peace of mind. Also, free moving boxes you can find from any the grocery store.

  • Dish Boxes (4.7 cu ft) are built specifically for packing delicate items, glasses, china, dishes, lamps, electronics, picture frames, statues, crystals, ceramics, etc. This is a double wall carton, even if this box is empty it will not be crushed down under normal packing circumstances. Although tempting, we do not recommend re-using these boxes a second time as they lose their strength throughout the packing and moving process. Again, each item that goes in this box needs to be wrapped in paper or bubble wrapping.
  • Picture/ Mirror Moving Boxes (adjustable size) are often used for large mirrors, picture frames, TVs, glass shelves, glass table tops. These moving boxes are customizable, they come in 4 interlocking pieces so you can adjust the size to fit your specific needs. With this box, you need paper or bubble wrapping to cushion the items for a snug fit.

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