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Starting the moving process is an exciting time! It’s the perfect time to procure the moving boxes. Moving without specially designed moving boxes is difficult and may cause problems along the way. 

Before buying just any miscellaneous boxes, make a list of the items you will be packing. 

Due diligence will allow you to choose the suitable moving boxes without purchasing too many. Moving boxes come in different sizes and many have been designed for moving specific items. The following list will go over the options and recommendations to help you make your move go as smoothly as possible. 


Having moving boxes by your side while moving is crucial, here’s a quick rundown on types of moving boxes.

  • Small Box – Also known as book box, is a 1.5 cubic feet box most commonly used for heavier items such as books, CDs, canned goods or any items that will not break under the weight of other items. Small boxes are usually loaded into the moving trucks first. 
  • Medium Box – This 3 cubic feet box is used for packing clothes, electronics or miscellaneous items from desk drawers or kitchen cabinets. Once loaded, these boxes are positioned in the middle of the moving truck because these boxes are not excessively heavy.
  • Large Box – With its 4.5 cubic feet volume, this box is perfect for packing bulky items that do not weigh much – bedding, pillows, sweaters, stuffed toys, couch pillows, etc. Expert movers load these boxes towards the top of the moving trucks.
  • Wardrobe Moving Box – 8.6 cubic feet and the height of 46 inches make this box perfect for hanging clothes that you do not want to get wrinkled during your relocation and for clothes that are usually hung in the closet.
  • Dish Box – This 5.2 cubic feet box is specifically designed for packing delicate items such as glasses, plates, crystal, ceramics and other fragile items. The box is reinforced with a double wall for extra durability. The professional packers at Zip Moving & Storage do not recommend reusing these dish boxes as the integrity of the cardboard may be compromised during the move. 
  •  Picture/Mirror Box – this 3 cubic feet box can be adjusted for the specific size you need and is usually used for large mirrors, picture frames, TVs, glass shelves or glass tabletops. The box comes in 4 interlocking pieces which can be adjusted depending on the size of the item being packed. 
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Different types and sizes of moving boxes


Zip Moving & Storage will provide you with free moving boxes for your Atlanta, Virginia or DC move. Please note that the amount of free boxes you receive is dependent on whether you are moving locally or long-distance and depending on your moving plan.

Additional boxes can be purchased by contacting our customer service representative.

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