How to Prevent Furniture Damage When Moving?


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Moving to a new place can be overwhelming and stressful. Often amateur movers find themselves putting dings in freshly painted walls or scratching furniture, Moving is a complicated process and there is a lot that can go wrong. 

Damages during moving are most often caused by a lack of experience. Without extensive experience, movers will use poor handling techniques and may not have access to the right equipment. Zip Moving and Storage would like to lend you some expertise to make the move go as smoothly as possible. Follow these tips as you relocate to keep your belongings in pristine condition;

  • Corner Protection for Art
  • Moving Technique
  • Detach Furniture
  • Packing Technique
  • Ask Professional Movers

Even the most comprehensive of moving insurance cannot always compensate extensive loss

Use corner protection for framed art and mirrors

These items need to be treated with the utmost care; the simplest mistake could be costly. Invest in a kit for packing frames. A frame packing kit contains cushioned corner protectors typically made from foam. Once you secure the corners, cover the rest of the area with blankets or pads. Take the time to pack all mirrors and glass items carefully

Picture Packer Kit By U-Haul

Have a moving strategy

For your move to be successful you will need to plan ahead. Walk around your home, take note of narrow hallways where movers will need to pass. Ensure the tight spaces are padded so movers are able to maneuver heavy furniture through these areas. 

Next, decide the order in which the furniture will be moved out. This should be simple enough; start with the smaller pieces and save the heavier ones for last.

Procure required packing supplies

Boxes and packing tape are the staples of moving, but there is much more to buy. You can also use items you already own such as towels and bed comforters to help pad large items. The more specific items  can be found at your local hardware shop or online.


  • Resealable plastic bags 
  • Bubble wrap
  • Cardboard sheets (corrugated)
  • Plastic wrap 
  • Mattress and sofa covers

Detach furniture

The handles, legs, and other small parts should be detached and packed separately. The protruding parts of furniture are usually the first parts to sustain damage.

packers and movers cost
The kitchen is probably the hardest room to pack

Pack with patience

After protective supplies are procured, use care to wrap fragile or bulky items in bubble wrap prior to packing. Wrap delicate wood items in bubble wrap; the upholstered pieces can be covered by a layer or two of plastic wrap. Corrugated cardboard sheets are useful for preventing marks or scratches on many treasured belongings. Wrap furniture in blankets to provide padding. Generous padding will prevent damage from the inevitable bumps encountered during transportation. Be sure to utilize mattress covers; this is an easy way to keep the mattresses safe from water damage as well as tears and rips

When in doubt, ask for help

Do you have the time and patience to do the job? Improper moving techniques result in damage and/or loss. Be sure the job is done right the first time by hiring a professional moving team.

Moving doesn’t have to be time consuming and stressful. Zip moving has professional packers and movers to help you with every facet of the process. The professional and experienced movers will ensure household items arrive at the new home in one piece. Zip Moving and Storage uses high tech equipment and experienced manpower to ease the burden. Amateur movers may cost you thousands of dollars in damage. Property damage, especially, adds up quickly. Even the most comprehensive of moving insurance cannot always compensate extensive loss. No need to stress, reach out to Zip Moving and Storage to be ensure your move is smooth and easy.

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