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Once the moving day has arrived and the furniture and belongings are safely loaded on the truck, every customer begins wondering what happens next?

It is tricky to pinpoint exactly when the shipment will arrive- the delivery date is considered more of a window. Zip Moving & Storage would like to explain how the delivery window is determined so customers can plan the end of the moving process.

The delivery window (delivery spread) depends on many factors. Distance for transit is the biggest factor for the delivery window, but other variables also come in to play. Read on to learn how to estimate when the moving truck will arrive at the client’s destination.

For long-distance moves, the date range will be anywhere from 2 days to 14 days.

What determines the delivery window?

  • Distance: Mileage between origin and destination greatly affects the expected delivery window. Zip Moving & Storage follows the posted speed limits and the DOT regulations which mandate a driver cannot exceed 8 hours of driving per day. Therefore, a long-distance move delivery window is greatly dependant on the distance to the destination.
  • Size: A full truckload begins the journey right away. A half-full truck will stop at one or more other homes until the truck is at capacity for the sake of efficiency. A smaller shipment has a wider delivery window.
  • Season: The delivery window also depends on the season. The peak season is March- September. During the busy season, the delivery window may be wider due to higher demand.

Moving Delivery Window Table

Zip Moving & Storage has two headquarters, one in Washington DC and one in Atlanta, Georgia. With two headquarters, Zip Moving & Storage can streamline the transit for customers’ moves. Below is an estimate for delivery windows based on mileage for Zip customers

Mileage to Destination

Delivery Window

50 – 200 miles

1 day

200 – 500 miles

1 – 7 days

500 – 700 miles

2 – 7 days

700 – 900 miles 

2 – 9 days

900 – 1100 miles 

3 – 9 days

1100+ miles 

3 – 14 days

In some cases, a long delivery window is just not acceptable for customers. If this is the case, Zip Moving & Storage recommends customers purchase the guaranteed moving delivery service. The expedited service will ensure the customers get the shipment faster, no matter the shipment size. 

Local Moves delivery windows

Since local moves do not require the shipment to travel as many miles as long-distance moves, the delivery window should be much smaller. Most local moves can expect same-day delivery. One exception to the rule is when the client is unavailable to receive the shipment.

Do not panic if the shipment is late

Use the Track Your Move™ tool. This tool allows customers to locate the shipment at any given time.

Occasionally, unexpected circumstances occur on the road and a shipment is delayed. This is one of the many reasons why Zip Moving & Storage employs professional customer service representatives. The experts at Zip Moving & Storage aim to keep movers and clients on the same page

Zip Moving And Storage
Movers and clients on the same page

 If a shipment is late, the customer is instructed to reach out via phone to contact their representative.

Within minutes the driver will be contacted to provide answers on where the truck is and when to expect the delivery. If a transit faces a long delay the representative will work with clients to coordinate new plans. 

When it comes to long-distance moving, especially for those over 1000 miles away, the truck may face traffic or unfavorable weather. Zip Moving & Storage treats customer cargo with the utmost care. Trucks will slow down or stop, if necessary, to avoid damaging belongings. 

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