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Sometimes, moving house isn’t simply a transfer from point A to point B. Perhaps you also need to get some things from the storage since now you are moving into a bigger place which can accommodate all of your possessions, or maybe you would like to drop by a charity and give away some items you won’t be using anymore. This can be done without much hassle and it will definitely save your time because you won’t have to organize it before the big day.

What is more, the process is very simple. Just select ‘additional delivery stop off’ or ‘additional pickup stop-off’ in your online account, even after you’ve booked your move. However, you should be aware that every additional stop is assigned a certain fee. Feel free to call our office at 855-947-6543 in case you have any doubts or you are stopping at more than one place.

You can add this service after you booked a move. For every Additional Stop off there is associated fee.

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