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These simple shoe-packing hacks are just one way we can make your upcoming relocation quicker and easier. If you need help organizing your move, check out our moving calculator to determine how many boxes and other moving supplies you’ll need.

1. Decide what shoes you want to bring with you

Relocating is an excellent opportunity to decide what items you don’t have to keep in your closet anymore. You can start with your shoe collection.  Divide your shoes into separate piles based on whether you plan to keep them.

The next step is to remove those shoes you plan to get rid of or donate. Choose a different box for them, and be careful to keep them distinct from the boxes you plan to transport to your new home. Trust us, moving is time-consuming, and you can quickly get confused.

2. Sorting shoes

Sorting your shoes into groups will make packing and unpacking easier for everyone. One handy hack is to divide your shoes into categories.

Remember to do this for every person in your household. Also, keep each person’s shoe pile separate so you can distinguish them when unpacking.

You should have at least one pair of shoes that you will use during the moving process in a separate bag. You never know what may come up during your transportation, so it’s always best to be prepared.

3. Mission impossible - finding original shoe boxes

We understand that finding the original box of your shoes can be incredibly challenging, but typically that is the best way to keep them safe during transportation.

If you can’t find the original shoe box, our advice is to pack your shoes in small moving boxes to prevent them from getting crushed. We recommend protecting more delicate shoes, like heels, with quality packing paper.

4. Always pack your shoes in pairs

We understand that this tip can sound a bit ridiculous, but you would be surprised how many people need to remember to do this. During the moving process, you will have to do many tiring tasks and think about many different things.

Suddenly you are in a hurry and need to know where your left shoe is!  That’s why you should tie shoes with laces and keep every shoe in its pair.

You can also use a shoe bag, but please be careful not to overpack. Leave some empty space and fill it with crushed packing paper.

5. Avoid placing heavier boxes on top of your shoe box

You should be careful once you start to stack boxes with your shoes. Be careful not to put heavier boxes on top of them. Otherwise, you can easily crush them, and that can affect their shape and condition.

6. Pack nice pairs separately

We all have our favorite pair of shoes. Of course, you want those shoes to stay in perfect condition during transportation. We advise you to pack them separately and use a shoe bag or quality packing paper to secure them.

7. Pack heavy shoes on the bottom

You’ll want to be sure to stack the shoes properly to avoid any mishaps. Always pack heavier shoes on the bottom and lighter ones on top.

Also, just fill the moving box some of the way, and make sure to stuff your shoes. That way, you won’t have to worry about crushing your favorite pair of sneakers!