Are there any hidden moving fees or additional payments?

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No hidden moving fees or additional payments on your move date. All of the charges are listed below you just have to be upfront with the movers.

Example: when you moved in to your place, your sofa could not fit through your door and had to be moved in through the balcony or window and if you do not disclose this information to your movers there would be additional fee for Lowering & Hoisting at the time of the pickup.

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All of the fees for the long-distance moves are following:

  • Service Fee-Weight or Cuft ( weight or Cuft of your items X price per pound/cu ft ).
  • Cost of packing- Boxing up or protection fragile furniture.
  • Cost of unpacking- Apply only if movers are required to unpack boxes.
  • Accessories- Stairs, Long Carry, Shuttle, Re-Delivery fee- Waiting Service, Storage Service, Bulky Or Heavy items, Lowering Hoisting, Wood Crating, Elevator Fee, Extra Pickup and Delivery, Guaranteed Delivery( One Day delivery window), Re-Scheduling your move 72 before your pickup or delivery.

All of the Fees for the Local moves are following:

  • Service fee: Time multiply by the hourly rate Example 4h X 125$ ( 1 truck three man).
  • One Hour travel time.

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