12 Potential Hidden Costs When Moving


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What are the potential hidden costs when moving?

Hiring a professional moving company will help you greatly during your moving process, but there is still work to do on your end. To prevent hidden costs, it is important to provide the moving company with as many details as you can provide. Information such as furniture size, furniture value, and driveway accessibility are some of the vital pieces of information that are used to form an accurate moving estimate.

The moving company uses estimates to organize and tailor services to meet customers’ needs. If the customer underestimates the work, the moving estimate will not be accurate to the final costs. The more information customers provide, regarding the inventory, the better.

Many moving companies use inaccurate and low estimates to reel customers in and later charge additional, hidden fees.

Zip Moving & Storage has a sterling reputation and is known for being trustworthy and upfront with costs. With an accurate estimate there will be no hidden or additional fees. As the moving day approaches it is imperative to continue to communicate with the customer service staff. Details may change and the movers need up to date information to plan the moving day to go as smoothly as possible.

Information regarding entrances, exits, furniture size, furniture value, drive-way accessibility are important to determine the exact moving price. To avoid hidden fees be completely transparent with your moving company. The prices of moving at Zip Moving & Storage differ on whether the move is local or long-distance.

Detailed Description of the most common hidden fees

Packing labor/supplies

Often an unreputable moving company will attempt to sell special packing material for belongings. This is a technique to raise the price of the move by upselling the goods sold by the moving company. Notice Zip Moving & Storage provides all the boxes and packing material needed for the move on the estimate. The customer only needs to provide an accurate list of items and the experts at Zip Moving & Storage will provide the correct amount of moving boxes.

Moving Insurance 

Zip Moving & Storage offers a moving package for Full Value Protection. This covers all belongings for replacement value in the event something is damaged or lost. Customers often choose this moving package for peace of mind and to prevent any surprise costs during the move.

Disassembly and assembly fees 

For a truly stress-free moving experience allow the professional movers at Zip Moving & Storage to reassemble furniture upon arrival to the new home. Inform the customer service representative to use this service. Beware of companies who do not disclose this additional service option as they will add the charges after completing the move.

Extra fees for bulky items 

Many moving companies provide a tempting, low estimate and later charge additionally for items that appear heavier and bigger. Zip Moving & Storage does not operate in this misleading manner. Instead, a detailed estimate of all belongings meant to be moved is included in the inventory count.

Hidden fees can be easy to miss

Long Carry Fees 

If movers are unprepared to carry items a long distance from the moving truck to the door of the new residence a Long Carry Fee may appear on the final bill. Therefore, it is important to reserve a parking space as close as possible to the entry of the building. If you foresee a problem like this contact your customer service representative to devise a solution before moving day.

Storage Fee

Some moving companies might charge for storing your household items. A storage fee could be charged if the location you are moving to is not prepared to receive the belongings. To eliminate this possibility, ensure the new residence or office is aware of the moving day and time. A few examples where storage fees would be charged are delayed renovations or problems with ownership or paperwork.

Express Delivery Fee

Express delivery is for customers needing a moving service as soon as possible. Planning a move in a hurry? Speak to your customer service representative to determine if an Express move is necessary for your situation. Express delivery is usually possible for long-distance moves when customers cannot wait for belongings to arrive.

Travel Fee

Travel fees refer to the time it took the movers to reach you and may be charged if the beginning location is hard to reach.  Ask your customer service representative to see if a travel fee applies to your move.

Hoisting Fee

If the customer needs a large or heavy item moved through a window or balcony a hoist will be needed to complete the move. Special equipment or extra manpower will incur a hoisting fee. An example where this fee is charged is pianos, antique armoires, etc. Customers should make a point in discussing these large or bulky items to the customer service representative to prevent any surprise costs.

Packing Materials Disposal Fee

The premise of this disposal fee is that the moving company is using extra resources to dispose of the used packing materials in an earth-friendly manner. Responsibly disposing of the packing materials is very important, but should not be an additional charge. Savvy customers know to ask the customer service representative how the packing materials will be disposed of.

Tipping the Movers

The moving process can be stressful and time-consuming, but professional movers greatly lessen the load. If you are satisfied with your courteous movers, a cash tip is a great way to show your appreciation. This may not be a hidden cost, but it is often an afterthought and careful budgeters should include this in their plans.

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