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  • There are additional items ( lbs, Cu Ft).
  • You requested other services from your movers (example: asked movers to help you pack boxes).
  • The conditions of the job changed (example: there is no space to park the truck in front of the apartment, and now movers must walk more than a 75ft from the truck to the entrance to your doorway with your furniture).
  • If there are more than a ten steps ( Stairs ) between the truck and your front door and you did not disclose this information when you booked the move.
  • If the movers have to wait to get access to your current or new home, there will be a Wait Time fee(example: movers can’t start the move right away because you are not ready).
  • If our truck can’t fit into your new neighborhood and a smaller moving truck is required, there will be a Shuttle fee.
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