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Moving Protection Plans

A responsible and trustworthy moving company offers customers many levels of Value Protection options:

Full Value Protection is the most comprehensive plan available for the protection of your goods.

If any article is lost, destroyed or damaged while your mover’s custody, your mover will, at its option 1) Repair the article to the extent necessary to restore it to the same condition or pay you for the cost of such repairs; 2) Replace the article with an article of like kinda quality or pay for replacement. The value of your goods will be deemed to be equal to $6.00 multiplied by weight.

Under this option, the cost of your move will be composed of a base rate plus added cost reflecting the cost of providing this full value cargo liability protection for your shipment.

Valuation Coverage

if $6.00 or $0.60 times the weight of sofa declared value amount is:


Then the maximum valuation is:



$500 Deductible



$1000 Deductible



Waiver of Full Value Protection. This lower level of protection is provided at no additional cost beyond the base rate; however, it provides any minimal protection that is considerably less than the average value of household goods.

If any article is lost, destroyed or damaged while in your mover’s custody, it will settle based on the weight of the individual article multiplied by $0.60 cents. For example, the settlement for the sofa valued at $1,000.00 that weighs 400 pounds will be $240.00 ( 400 pounds times 60 cents )

What is Moving Insurance?

In most cases, moving companies do not provide moving insurance. Moving insurance provides protection against damage or loss caused to your belongings during the moving process.

For a more in-depth explanation about moving insurance and its cost visit the link here.

what is moving Insurance

How Much Does Moving Insurance Cost?

The insurance can vary in cost from 1% to 5% of the declared value of your belongings. If you require a moving insurance quote please contact your homeowner’s insurance company to determine if they offer moving insurance coverage. The insurance company will compensate you, based on the terms and conditions, for any amount above your deductible.

Here is some reputable moving insurance companies:

  • Relocation Insurance Group
  • Baker International

Why Is It Important To Have Moving Insurance?

If you are moving valuable items, we certainly recommend purchasing additional insurance. Protection coverage that is offered by the moving company does not provide full compensation for lost or damaged items. For this reason, many people choose to purchase moving insurance through a third party insurance company. Please note, how much is covered will depend on your insurance carrier and specific policy.