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How to Fold & Tape Cardboard Moving Boxes


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Reading time: 6 minutes

Whether you’re preparing for a move, packaging items for shipping, or engaging in a DIY project, mastering the art of cardboard box assembly is a valuable skill. Here is what you need to do:

  • Lay Out Materials
  • Identify Flaps
  • Fold Side Flaps
  • Secure Side Flaps
  • Fold Bottom Flaps
  • Secure Bottom Flaps
  • Secure Top Flaps

Packing for a move is by far the most time-consuming task, and in many cases you will be using cardboard boxes to pack up all of your belongings. Therefore, assembling moving boxes is a most important skill and a very helpful skill to learn. Folding and taping a moving box will approximately take you between 2-5 minutes. 

The most important thing is that you use good quality packing supplies, and secure the boxes to avoid them breaking down, opening and damaging your belongings.

Supplies you need:

  • Cardboard box
  • Tape
  • Scissors 
  • Sharpie


We’ll explain in 5 easy steps how to properly assemble moving boxes:

Studio or 1-bedroom apartment move.
Cardboard box folding

Open up the box and place it in a rectangular 3D shape

1 STEP-  Whether you purchase your boxes from Home Depot, Lowes or online, in most cases they will come flattened. To begin assembling your box sit the flattened box upright and open up the cardboard box and place it into a 3D rectangular shape.
Cardboard box folding

Fold the four flaps inward

2 STEP- Next, you will see the four flaps facing up. Fold the 2 smaller flaps first, and the 2 larger ones over it.

Cardboard box taping

Tape the box

3 STEP- Hold the flaps down steady, and get a roll of tape. Start taping it over the middle to secure flaps in place. Rub the tape into the box to make sure that the tape has a good grip on the cardboard. Tape the box across as well for extra security. Repeat that one or two more times for extra security.

Cardboard box folding

Fold four additional flaps outward the box

4 STEP- Flip the box over so the four additional flaps are facing the ceiling. Fold the flaps down so they are touching outside of the box.

Cardboard box taping

Start packing

5 STEP- Once the box is secured, flip it over and start packing! Make sure to use the same method with the roll of tape to secure the box when closing it, and remember to label your boxes!

This is a five-step easy guide on how to properly put together and tape a cardboard moving box. We hope our guide helped you learn a helpful skill, and you are confident that your belongings will stay intact when packing for your move!

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