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How to Pack Christmas and Halloween Decorations


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Packing and storing holiday decorations requires extra care and attention. Not to worry, Zip Moving & Storage is here to help!

Let's start with Halloween decorations

1. Clean all decorations before packing them

Filthy decorations can attract bugs or vermin, and no one wants that. That’s why cleaning everything properly and storing it in boxes is essential.

2. Separate Halloween decorations into different groups

Divide your Halloween decorations into different groups according to the material. Paper items should go together, and you should store them in a box with a lot of crumbled packing paper for more protection. We recommend keeping all the lights and lamps in a separate container but make sure to detangle them before putting them away.

3. Pack Halloween costumes separately

It’s best to roll costumes to avoid wrinkles or crease lines. Also, remember to stick packing paper between outfits to keep them safe and separated. Pack them in the larger boxes and properly label them.

4. Make sure nothing gets smashed

The most important rule is never to put heavier items on top of everything. You can use cardboard containers to keep things neat and organized. If you have many delicate and fragile items, use packing paper for added protection if you don’t have organizers.

5. Label every box

Labeling is essential and will make your unpacking process much more manageable. It’s best to go room by room to ensure you will remember everything. You can label all sides of boxes and even snap a photo of what’s in the box, print it, and tape it near the label.

6. Tuck it out of the way

You only need access to Halloween decorations once a year. We recommend storing them in the garage, storage units, or basement. Whatever works for you, and it won’t get in your way.

How about Christmas decorations?

Christmas trees and ornaments make the holidays even more festive, but packing and storing them can be tricky.

Packing your decorations is often time-consuming, but following these easy steps should make the process more accessible. We recommend listening to cheerful Christmas music along the way to make it more fun.

1. Take your time to pack everything properly

We understand that packing and cleaning are the last things you want to do after enjoying the festive season. That’s why it’s essential to take your time to clean and pack every item you intend to keep.

2. Organize Christmas decorations

The first step in organizing is to separate the things you want to keep from those you plan to dispose of. Afterward, you should separate items by use and type and organize them in separate boxes.

You can donate decorations that are in poor shape instead of throwing them away. We are sure that some non-profit organizations would love to have them for their next holiday season.

3. Make an inventory list

An inventory list will help you stay focused and more organized. You will know how many items need to be packed and what items you should donate or get rid of.  Another great thing about an inventory list is that you won’t have to buy unnecessary decorations next year because you will precisely know what you need to get new and what you already have in your storage.

4. Separate decorations in groups

This rule goes for Halloween decorations, as well. Wreaths go with other wreaths, lights with light, and ornaments with other ornaments… You get the idea! This is important because it can prevent your decorations from getting mixed, tangled, and damaged.

5. Pack your tree separately from everything else.

It’s best to pack your artificial tree in the original packaging, but chances are you have already disposed of the box. Luckily, we have some valuable tips and hacks for you! You can wrap your tree in plastic wrap from bottom to top. Before that, ensure that your tree is clean and without ornaments.

6. Leave a special box for extra fragile ornaments

Delicate ornaments are one of the most valuable and beautiful holiday decorations. They often have sentimental value and are passed from one generation to another. You want such important ornaments to stay intact.

That’s why it’s best to pack them in smaller boxes and use packing paper to protect them. Add cardboard separators, bubble wrap, or soft towels between them. That will keep your ornaments safe and organized. Always leave some space and pack the box only part way full.

7. Keep garland in bottles

We all know how frustrating it can be when long strings of garland get tangled and twisted. It can be a challenging and time-consuming process to detangle them. That’s why we recommend putting garlands in empty plastic bottles. It will make the unpacking process more manageable.

Keep calm and store everything

After following these simple steps, you can safely store all your holiday decorations. You won’t have to worry about them getting smashed or broken, and you can reuse them again next year.

Hopefully, you learned how to pack things safely, making it easy to identify and unpack everything for the next holiday.

We have everything you need if you are looking for quality boxes for your decorations. Zip’s moving bundles come in different shapes and sizes, with quality packing materials, and they can be perfect for storing your holiday decorations.

Zip Moving and Storage can help you move those decorations in safe, climate-controlled storage units. Also, if you have your own storage unit, we can use our fully equipped moving trucks to relocate your decorations there or to any other address that suits your needs.

We are the right guys for the job!

All that is left is to enjoy the following festive season and decorate your home to reflect your wonderful spirit!