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The driver will usually inventory your shipment as loads go, sometimes is possible to list all of your items even before movers start with loading. The inventory will be detailed, descriptive for each item loaded inside of the truck. Be sure that everything listed in the inventory is listed correctly. You will find things written on the inventory like PBO (packed by owner) most of the time this is used for moving boxes packed by you.

You will also find CP (carrier wrapped); this means movers pack that box labeled as CP. Even if we protect any piece of fragile furniture, it would be marked as CP. You will also notice that top of your inventory sheet you have descriptive, exception, location symbols with a specific code for any condition. Your driver will uses inventory code to make a note of the shape of a particular item.

This inventory is for you to keep a record of what is being loaded and the condition of each item. This inventory should also be used at the destination when your shipment is delivered. Use the inventory to verify the items that are delivered, not an exception to the condition of the items as they are brought into your home and point out the damage to the driver. The inventory sheet is the document that will be used when the claims process is initiated so it is important to have the damage clearly noted.

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