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How to make a moving inventory checklist

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Moving is a memorable and emotional experience. A relocation to a new home can take a toll on anyone, even the best planners! There is a long list of tasks you need to complete before your move, and it can be overwhelming, especially if you’re relocating for the first time. As moving day approaches, many customers feel even more worried about their belongings and change in surroundings

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As a professional moving company with years of experience, we have seen it all: stress, worry, anxiety, happiness, and exhaustion. That’s why Zip Moving & Storage is here to help every step of the way. We offer you valuable tips on preparing for your relocation and making the ultimate furniture inventory list for your big move. Zip Moving & Storage is here to help! Here’s an example of how your list should be organized:

Why is it important to make an inventory checklist?

Preparing everything in your home for a relocation is a time-consuming job. You will probably have a mess in your house and in your head! That’s why it’s essential to plan and organize your time. Making a furniture inventory list will make the entire moving process easier for everyone. You will be able to keep track of the stuff you plan to move, and movers will know what furniture items they need to pack.

Having a list of all your furniture items will help you avoid things you may forget when relocating. On your moving day, you will have to think about many different things, and it can be easy to forget something important along the way. Moving comes with unique challenges, and sometimes accidents can happen. Being organized will make your move more efficient, and if some furniture items on your list get lost or damaged, it will be easier to complete the insurance process. 

Documenting your possessions, especially the most valuable ones, will be extremely convenient if you plan to apply for an insurance claim. You can use that list to get an accurate moving estimate and insurance rate. Your list will also help you know how much money will your move cost.

What is a furniture inventory list?

A moving inventory list is a document that lists all furniture items you want to relocate to your new home. You should put as many details as possible in your list. Write down all your furniture items, starting from smallest to largest. You can also add other items that decorate your homes, such as lamps, carpets, curtains, art, or wall decors. It is important to include the value of your belongings, especially if you are moving valuable artworks or sculptures.

How to make an inventory checklist?

Here are 5 easy tips on how to make the ultimate furniture checklist. If you follow these steps, you reduce the risk of having any problems when it comes to moving your furniture and other precious belongings.

1. Create a structured three-columned list

You can use a piece of paper or do it on a computer, whatever works for you, but it’s essential that you add at least three columns to your list. Your furniture list should contain the name, condition, and value of the items you plan to re-locate.

2. Take photos of every room and focus on items you want to move

It’s essential that you take photos and videos of furniture items in every room. Printing photographs and attaching them to your inventory list can also be useful. Make a video of each room and focus on the pieces of furniture you want to move. Our advice is to put a copy of all the videos on a flash drive.

3. Select and mark priority items

Some items simply have more value than others, especially possessions like an expensive tea set, a marble table, or antique and designer furniture pieces. These items need to be separately insured and protected. Expert movers know how to handle your valuable belongings with special care, and sometimes the best thing you can do is leave everything to trained professionals.

4. Use different colors to mark the packed furniture items on the list

You can use different colors to mark what item has been packed and moved and which one is next to load on the moving truck. By doing this, you won’t forget your next tasks, and it will be easier for you to keep track of all your belongings. Also, scratching the items you packed and moved off the list will show you that job is moving forward. You will feel proud of everything you managed to do on your moving day at the end of the day!

5. Go room by room

This is the easiest way to start your list! Start with the first room and make a detailed list of everything in it, focusing on important and valuable furniture items. Packing and moving is a lot of work, but going room by room and writing down every possession in your home will make the entire moving process easier. Our advice is to begin with the largest items. This is the most efficient way to pack, as you won’t feel stressed about what to pack first.

How to stay organized

The moving process is often overwhelming. Having a clear and detailed list will make your relocation more organized, and you will get an idea of how much you will need to pack and relocate with you.

Whether you decide to hire professional movers or relocate everything yourself, having a detailed list of all your furniture items and their condition and value is extremely important. Only then will you be able to know if all your possessions have arrived safely to your new home. You can also use some popular moving apps to help you with the organization. The most popular ones are Magic Home Inventory and Nest Egg – Inventory.

The more details your inventory list has, the easier the moving process. Having a furniture list offers you a fast and easy way to check that all your possessions arrived safely at your new location. If you need to file an insurance claim, this checklist will also come in handy. Writing down and documenting every item you want to move means that you are processing your most valuable possessions and ensuring that your moving day goes according to plan.

The bottom line…

Moving is a major life event. We recommend leaving the coordination and backbreaking work to the expertly trained and skilled movers at Zip Moving & Storage. Contacting an insured and licensed moving company with years of experience will guarantee you peace of mind and safe relocation. With our professional movers and packers, your move will be seamless. Relocating our customers has always been a privilege, and we will make sure that every customer has a positive and enjoyable moving experience.

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