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How to Move a Peloton Bike


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When moving your treasured possessions, you want real professionals who know what they are doing.

How to Move the Peloton Bike

Zip Moving & Storage is the professional team you are looking for. Our experienced crew knows how to move anything, from large appliances to sofas and bulky furniture. Moving a Pelaton bike is no exception. 

However, if you decide to relocate without the help of a moving company, we are here to offer you some valuable tips. Following these easy and simple steps will help you safely transport your cherished Peloton bike to your new home.

Power off the bike and unplug the power cable

1. Power off the bike and unplug the power cable

We couldn’t stress enough how important it is to turn off your bike correctly before doing anything else.

Disconnect the audio and monitor cable

2. Disconnect the audio and monitor cable

The next important step is disconnecting all the cables and carefully following disassembly instructions. Before transporting, remove delicate additions such as the touchscreen, pedals, and weight holder.

Ask for a friend to help

3. Ask for a friend to help

Pelaton bikes can weigh 135 pounds and be extremely difficult to move independently. Even worse, you may risk an injury trying to push it without help. Consider recruiting a friend or family member to help you move your bike.

Lower your handlebars and seat to the lowest positions

4. Lower your handlebars and seat to the lowest positions

Following this tip will make a huge difference. The bike’s frame is unwieldy; lowering the handlebars will help you move it more easily. Place them in the lowest possible position on the bike by pulling out the adjusting rods.

Use moving blankets and a lot of bubble wrap

5. Use moving blankets and a lot of bubble wrap

Having the right moving equipment can do wonders. Ensure you adequately protect your Peloton bike because moving accidents can always happen, no matter how well-prepared you are. Carefully wrap your bike with towels and moving blankets, and secure them with cords and tape.

Move the bike

6. Move the bike

This is one of the most challenging and essential steps, so please pay close attention. We recommend moving the bike with your friend. Move behind the Pelaton and use a stabilizer to secure it, then push it until it’s in the space you want to go. It’s best to use a loading ramp for trucks. Secure your loading ramp to your vehicle, and with the help of your friend, lift and tilt your bike on to the ramp.

Transporting a Peloton bike can be tricky, but everything is manageable with some help and good organization. However, if you want something done right, you can always turn to the right professionals equipped for the job. Zip Moving & Storage is here to help!