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The main difference between moving dollies and hand trucks

The main difference between moving dollies and hand trucks.
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Moving is an adventurous undertaking, no matter how well-prepared and organized you are. As the moving day approaches, the number of tasks starts to get bigger and bigger. The right moving equipment can be a game changer and make things easier for everyone during packing and transporting your valuable items.

Dollies vs Hand Trucks

When it comes to professional moving gear, many people confuse moving dollies with hand trucks. Keep reading to discover the main differences between these two helpful moving tools and learn how to use them properly on your moving day.

What is a hand truck?

A hand truck is a type of transportation equipment with an L-shaped design and an upright handle. It also typically has two wheels, as well as a small footing ledge.

What is a hand truck?

This moving tool is a perfect fit for transporting small and heavy items. It can be used to move small items without lifting them by hand.

There are several types of hand tracks. The one you may need will depend on the load capacity and the number of items you plan to relocate. Some of the popular hand trucks are:

Convertible hand truck.

Convertible hand trucks – This type of hand truck comes with extra wheels that transform your hand truck into a proper four-wheel carrier. Others have attachments for climbing stairs and laying the hand truck down horizontally, which is always convenient, especially when you finish the move.

Folding carts.

Folding carts – This can be a perfect choice for handling slightly heavier items (just be careful not to use it for extremely heavy appliances).

Platform carts

Platform carts – Platform carts may come with some removable sides, and they are mainly used for heavy and bulky items. Many warehouse stores use this type of hand track for easier transportation.

Our advice is to always check weight capacity before buying your hand truck. That will ensure you’re purchasing the best one for your specific needs.

What is a moving dolly?

Simply put, a moving dolly is a platform on wheels. We recommend using a moving dolly for transporting large and heavy items. Various types of dollies serve different purposes. The two basic types of dollies are those with two wheels and those with four. Each one of them has certain advantages depending on your specific needs

Some of them are:

Furniture dolly

Furniture dolly – This dolly is typically made of wood and has four wheels. Furniture dollies are usually square-shaped or rectangular. You can also find those with a carpet top to protect your items better.

Appliance dolly

Appliance dolly – This type of dolly is great for handling heavier appliances (washing machines, refrigerators, freezers, etc..).

Stair dolly.

Stair dolly – Stair dollies operate on batteries, which can look similar to a hand truck. We advise getting one with a strap for securing your items. If your apartment has many stairs, stair dollies can be your perfect choice. They usually have six wheels that rotate so the dolly can climb up and down the sitar carrying your items.

Using a moving dolly will allow you to lift more weight with less effort. There are many great and useful moving tools, but many agree that a professional moving dolly is essential on a moving day.

What is the main difference between hand trucks and moving dollies?

The main difference between these two helpful tools is how you use them and how they visually look. Other differences are their price and purpose. We recommend dollies for transporting larger and bulkier items, while hand trucks can be good for some smaller and lighter possessions.

In the most likely scenario, the appliance and stairs dolly will cost more, because they can handle a heavier load. Still, they are a great long-term investment.

What about furniture mover carts?

First things first – what is a furniture moving cart?

A moving cart is a wheeled device designed to transport furniture and other heavy items during a move. It typically consists of a sturdy frame with wheels, providing ease of mobility and reducing the physical effort required for moving heavy loads.

What are furniture carts used for? Well, they serve several purposes:

  • Damage Prevention – Furniture carts make it easy y to move heavy and bulky items. they have padded surfaces or straps to secure items, preventing scratches, dents, or other damage during transportation.
  • Reduce Physical Strain – They significantly alleviate the physical strain on individuals involved in the moving process by furnishing them with a wheeled platform.
  • Ease of Mobility – These carts facilitate the movement of big and bulky items without requiring excessive physical exertion.

How to use a moving dolly and hand truck?

Using a furniture dolly and hand truck is quite easy; everyone can do it. Still, you do have to be careful, know what you’re doing, and plan ahead. It’s best to ask a friend for help and measure your doorways as well as items before loading them on a dolly or a hand truck.

How to use a moving dolly and hand truck?

If you decide to move on your own, we also recommend securing all doors and drawers of your items using plastic wrap or straps.

Once you’ve completed all that, you can position your dolly or hand truck close to the item you plan to transport. If the item is heavy and bulky, tilt it back and slide your dolly or a hand truck underneath. Make sure that the item is centered and properly secured. 

When moving boxes, it’s important to create straight and balanced stacks that won’t topple and fall over. Make sure that your moving boxes are perfectly aligned.

Please avoid lifting heavy items with your hands because this can result in a back injury, and having a moving dolly close by is a great way to move your items without heavy lifting.

As soon as you have your item nicely centered, slowly and cautiously roll the moving dolly (or a hand truck) forward. Of course, watch for any obstacles along the way that can potentially damage your item and try to avoid them. 

When you reach your moving truck or POD, tilt the item, kick the dolly, and then carefully lower it on the ground. 

Sounds easy, right? Well, that’s what the moving tools are for, to make your relocation much easier!

Hand trucks vs. dollies - How to choose what's perfect for you?

When purchasing any moving equipment, you must consider how and in what environment you will use it. That can play a significant role when descending which is the right for you.

When comparing dollies and hand trucks, dollies can come in various sizes, so the selection is bigger, and you can easily find what works best for you. It’s essential to know the weight and size of the item so that you can pick the right tool for your specific needs.

When choosing what to purchase, it can be a good idea to consider the following factor: 

  • size
  • shape
  • weight of the items you’re transporting
  • price

Keep calm and have an amazing moving experience!

Moving and packing belongings can be a difficult task, especially if you are not experienced, so having moving equipment can make a huge difference.

Dollies and hand trucks make moving significantly easier. In some situations, lifting heavy items can result in injury if you are not careful enough. That’s why relying on moving dollies, and hand tracks benefits everyone. It’s a safe and secure way to transport all your items. 

Safety comes first, and using the right moving equipment will make the entire moving process faster and easier. Hopefully, this article gave some useful information and made it easier for you to decide which moving tool is the right fit for you.

We would be happy to assist you if you need help with your move! You can contact Zip Moving & Storage at 855-947-6543 and discover why we make moving so easy!

If, however, you decide to move without the help of a moving company, we have just the right thing for you! Check out our moving supplies and provide yourself with the ultimate moving experience.

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