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How to Pack Glasses in Moving Boxes


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Kitchen objects are the most difficult to pack and transport properly. You must be especially cautious when packing fragile items such as glasses or cups.

For glasses and glassware, it’s best to use small or medium-sized boxes. We will show you how to pack and safely prepare them for transportation; just follow these simple steps.

How to pack glassware for storage?

Ensure the safety of your glassware during storage by following these essential steps:

  • Begin with quality packing materials, such as bubble wrap and sturdy boxes
  • Individually wrap each glass item with ample bubble wrap, securing it with tape
  • Place crumpled paper or packing peanuts in the bottom of the box for extra cushioning
  • Pack glasses vertically, standing them upright to minimize the risk of breakage
  • Fill any gaps with additional packing material to prevent shifting.
  • Clearly label the box as ‘Fragile – Glassware’ for careful handling

1. Gather moving supplies

Avoid using large moving boxes for glassware. They can get too heavy and difficult to move. Get small and medium-sized boxes, as well as quality packing paper, soft towels, bubble wrap, printable labels, markers, and tape.

As a moving company with years of experience, we know what our customers need. That is why we worked hard to develop fantastic moving bundles tailored to your needs. Every set contains everything you need to pack your items, ensuring proper safety during transportation.

2. Prepare the boxes

Glasses have to be packed with special care. First, cover the bottom of your moving box. We recommend crumpling the packing paper to create a cushion layer. You can also use small towels or similar soft materials; just make sure to have a thick layer on the bottom of the box.

If you like to be properly organized, you can get cardboard separators and put them in the box. This will prevent accidents and will provide more protection for your fragile objects. Place the layer of cardboard on the glassware to separate each layer and fill any space with packing paper or soft materials.

3. Wrap big glasses individually

First, pack the heaviest glasses, and make sure to wrap them in quality packing paper. Here is an easy way to wrap large glasses properly: roll the glass on a sheet of packing paper, then stuff the ends of the paper into the opening of the glass or cup.

Continue wrapping until the glass is completely covered, and pack them into moving boxes.

Once you finish wrapping, you should place the glasses into the box on top of the crumpled packing paper.

Always put the heavier glasses on the bottom of your moving box and lighter glasses on top. This prevents any potential damage during transportation.

4. Be extra careful with wine glasses

You can follow the same process we already wrote about in step number three with wine glasses, but make sure to wrap the stem first. The stem is the most delicate part of the glass, which can easily get damaged while transporting your boxes.

Those glasses should be packed in the box last, and add a lot of crumbled packing paper or soft towels at the top of your box. Our advice is that the amount of packing paper you put on the bottom of the box is the same as the amount you add to the top.

5. Seal and tape the boxes

Before sealing and taping the box, ensure that everything is well packed and protected in packing paper. If you hear that some glasses are clinking, provide another layer of protection or place the glass in a safer position.

Also, ensure there isn’t space where glasses can shift around and potentially break. The final step is to seal the box with tape and ensure that all sides are equally taped.

6. Don't forget to put labels on the box

Labeling your boxes is one of the most critical steps when packing your items, especially when it comes to the most fragile and delicate objects like glasses.

Printable moving labels will make your packing and unpacking process easier and faster. Fragile objects need to be handled with special care and adequately labeled. Our advice is to label each side of the box and write a short note describing what things are in the box.

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