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In this article, we will cover five easy steps for taking care of your carpet when packing and preparing for moving day.

Step 1 - Always clean your rug

Always clean your rug

The first step, and, perhaps one of the most important, is to clean your rug thoroughly. Your new home should be ready to embrace a completely clean rug, and no one wants to see something dirty entering your new space. 

Vacuuming can be helpful if you don’t have enough time to properly clean your rug (which is entirely understandable when moving and having to do a million different moving tasks simultaneously). Take the time to vacuum the underside of the rug. That is even more important if you have a pet because we all know very well that their hair can be everywhere!

If there are any stains on the rug, treat them with a suitable cleaning solution and let it dry completely before moving on to the next step.

However, if you are too busy with other moving tasks, you can take your rug to a rug cleaning company and let professionals do the job for you. You will have enough time to pack other items and gather moving documentation.

Our special tip is to leave your rug in the sun for several hours before packing and transporting it to your new home.

Step 2 - Gather quality packing materials

Having the right moving supplies and equipment is a real game changer. It will make your entire process much faster and easier

So, you are probably wondering what kind of packing material you need in order to pack your rug as a professional.

Well, you will need a strong rope to tie the rug once you roll it up. You will also need quality packing paper to protect and wrap the rug and packing tape to ensure that the packing paper stays in place.

Step 3 - Get things rolling!

Get things rolling!

Now comes the fun part. Rolling your rug can be quite an exciting experience, believe it or not! Of course, if the rug is placed under furniture, remove all the furniture from the rug before rolling it.

First, lay your rug down on a flat surface. You should flip your rug and roll it up with the top side facing out. The back side should be facing inward once it’s all rolled up. This will protect your rug during transport, and it will be easier for you to pack it properly. Rolling the rug is the best way to make a rug’s threads stay in good shape during the entire transportation process.

After doing that, you should tie your rug using string or ropes. If your rug is exceptionally large and sturdy, you should think about asking for help during this step. Having a helping pair of hands will allow you to tie your rug correctly and keep it in one place.

Step 4 - Time to wrap

Time to wrap

Once your rug is all rolled up and secured with a rope, you can start with the wrapping process. You can wrap your rug using plastic wrap, brown Kraft paper (allow the Kraft paper to overlap the rug ends), or twine. You should tie each end to secure the carpet.

The plastic wrap will keep all the dirt away, but it can also trap moisture that could potentially damage your rug. Undoubtedly, plastic wrap and quality packing paper have their advantages and disadvantages, so it is up to you to decide what suits you best.

Step 5 - Place your rug in the truck

The fifth and final step is carefully placing your rug in the moving truck. Keep in mind that most moving trucks are already filled with various items you are transporting to your new home. 

That’s why you should lay the rug on top of the other moving boxes or put it horizontally in the corner of your moving truck. Please, ensure not to stack anything on top of your rug because it could create a bend or a crease.

Following these steps will help you transport your rug like a real pro! If you plan to turn to real professionals, we got your back. We can safely and expertly pack every item for you, from your favorite rug to large appliances.