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A non-binding estimate begins the same way as any other estimate. You call and arrange a date/time to have an agent stop by your home or office. While touring your premises, the agent will take note of all items that need to be moved. Details, such as dimensions and weight, are determined and the agent will inquire about logistics (using the stairs in the building/house, details such as where to park, etc.) 

This particular information is discussed because the difficulty of transport must be considered for an accurate estimate. Concluding this visit, you receive an approximate price for all the requested services. Therefore, make sure you include every item that you wish to move. Last minute additions will receive a separate bill.

The moving company will base the final charges on the actual weight/volume. If Weight goes up, Moving company can charge a 110% of the Estimated price ( Estimated price+10%).

Modern technology allows you to take advantage of a practical service called a Video Estimate. This is actually a video walk through of your home. Call and set up an online appointment. An agent will guide you through the process to collect detailed data about the move. The competitive estimate will be given and you can ask any lingering questions you have about the services provided.

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Another factor contributing to the overall price of the non-binding estimate is how you choose to have your items wrapped and packed. Zip Moving & Storage offers a series of meticulous packing services. The experts will ensure every single item that is going to be transported will be protected and accounted for. The Packing service price is calculated by the hour. Be sure to take a look at the expert packing services offered to finalize a plan that works for you. If you’re tight on money, but free with your time consider the Self Pack option. If you decide to pack items on your own we are still available to provide the right packing materials.


Once again, a non-binding agreement is not a binding contract, which means the price that is written on the document is not necessarily the one you will be paying. We retain the right to insert additional fees in cases when the circumstances alter, e.g. if you decide to add any other item(s) to the moving process.

According to the agreement, there is also an option for us to decline to move last minute additions. This is because newly added items may impact the movers scheduling. If you find belongings left off of the estimate and you wish to add them, please inform the team as soon as possible. In the case of a last minute addition the agent on duty will provide you with the cost. However, nothing will be executed unless you give a clear, positive, answer regarding the additional service requested. In conclusion, if an extra service is required on the day of the move and the team is able to accommodate the items please expect it to be charged separately.

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