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Zip Moving & Storage makes moving easy, therefore we’ll provide you with all the information you need that will make your move successful. We created the ultimate moving checklist, reminders and tools guiding you weeks before your move and on your moving day ensuring everything goes smoothly.

It’s important to start checking off tasks from the list weeks ahead, therefore we have everything ready for you and you simply need to follow the list for a complete and successful relocation.

Moving Guide and Moving Checklist

Week-by-Week Moving Timeline

As the weeks roll on, picture yourself as the ship’s captain, steering through the seas of packing and labeling. The middle stretch is the sweet spot – the perfect time to notify utility companies and throw a mini farewell party for your old abode. 

With this step-by-step moving guide, you’re not just relocating but crafting a smooth and harmonious shift to a new beginning

8 weeks before the move:

  • Eliminate clutter and get rid of unwanted items
  • Create a moving budget 
  • Start with sorting and packing items
  • Schedule your moving helpers or equipment

4 weeks before the move:

  • Transfer services – utilities, internet, and other services
  • Change your address
  • Put items in storage

2 weeks before the move:

  • Confirm your moving date with the selected company
  • Prepare a box with essentials 
  • Go through your house and all the rooms

2 days before the move:

Your moving day is approaching, but do not panic! We’ve got you covered!

  • Do your laundry 
  • Clean your old home
  • Inspect your home for the last time

What to do on your moving day?

Moving day is the culmination of weeks of preparation and anticipation, marking the moment plans transform into action. As the sun rises on this pivotal day, excitement and perhaps a hint of nervous energy fill the air.

  • Energize – Eat a healthy and balanced breakfast before your movers arrive! This will give you strength and energy. Also, remember to stay hydrated throughout the day! You can offer some nutritious snacks to your movers as well.

  • Pick up your equipment – Arrive 15 minutes early or check online for your moving truck. Be aware of potential traffic delays.

  • Take care of your kids and pets – If you drop them off with a sitter or keep them occupied in another room, please ensure they are not in the way. You should have proper arrangements ready for them.

  • Keep important documents safe – Make copies (if possible) of moving receipts and statements for future reference and taxes.

  • Stay calm and breathe – Relaxation is always the key! Allow time for small breaks, and maintain a positive attitude throughout the moving day.

Whether relocating  down the street or moving across borders, avoiding scams should be your top priority! Here are some red flags to look for:

  • Not properly licensed 
  • Not insured
  • A too-good-to-be-true estimate
  • No valuation coverage
  • Only offer non-binding estimates
  • Bad/few reviews
  • Customers have filed complaints
  • No references
  • Unprofessional
  • No bill of lading
  • Demanding to be paid upfront
  • No way to contact the driver during the move
Week-by-Week Moving Timeline Checklist Guide

How to Notify People When You Move

Are you moving soon? Remember to share the news! Remember to notify key players when gearing up for a move. Update your address with the postal service, utilities, financial institutions, and government agencies. Keep your employer, schools, and healthcare providers in the loop. And, of course, give a heads-up to friends and family. Stay connected effortlessly by ensuring everyone knows your new address!

Essential Moving Tips

Here are some of the most critical and essential moving tips you should follow for an easy and stress-free relocation:

  • Start packing in an area of your home that you do not use that often (the attic, basement, or garage)
  • Always pack heavier items at the bottom and into smaller boxes
  • Avoid icing items from different rooms
  • Wrap all fragile items
  • Line the bottom with additional cushioning and label all boxes
  • Secure them with packing tape
  • Color-code or clearly label different rooms of your home

Settling Into Your New Home

Settling into a new home involves a blend of practicality and emotional well-being. Begin by organizing essential tasks such as unpacking strategically – prioritize items you use daily. 

Establish a sense of comfort by personalizing your space with familiar belongings, adding touches of your personality through decor. Introduce yourself to neighbors, fostering a sense of community. 

Also, create a routine to help acclimate to your new surroundings and reduce initial stress. Here are some additional tips and tricks that will be useful:

  • Prepare the box for the first night\day
  • Set aside a box for cleaning products
  • Make another box just for your toiletries

The First Night in Your New Home

Unpack the essentials for a cozy night in – set up your sleeping space with familiar bedding, creating a nest of comfort. Indulge in a simple yet delicious meal, whether a home-cooked delight or a favorite takeout, turning the dining experience into a celebration of your new beginning. 

As the night unfolds, take a moment to savor the ambiance of your unfamiliar yet promising surroundings. Consider a stroll through your new neighborhood under the moonlit sky to embrace its unique energy.

Conclude the evening with a toast to your new home, sipping on a beverage of your choice as you reflect on the exciting adventures ahead!