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Why do people move to a new home?

Why do people move to a new home?
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Moving comes with a set of challenges, and every relocation is unique. As a professional moving company with years of experience, we have relocated many people to their new homes. That’s always a memorable and emotional event. Being with many families during those intimate moments made us think about all possible reasons behind the move. The survey we have conducted is helping us discover the most common reasons for people’s relocation. Read on to discover them with us!

Why do people move to a new home? Chart.

1. Better job opportunities

Why do people move to a new home? Better job opportunities.

Relocating can be a challenging experience that requires a lot of planning. Many people move every few years due to industry, employment type, and better paid positions. According to research, one of the main reasons most people move is a higher-paying job and career advancement. Exactly 35.2% of participants stated they are moving because of better job opportunities, making it the most common reason for relocation.

Some people are willing to travel across the country for a promotion and better job possibilities. Desirable workplace conditions, more money, and a regular salary are the most common factors that make a person willing to move to a new place. Also, the latest U.S. moving trends showed that a staggering number of people are eager to relocate to some more peaceful areas and work remotely from there.

2. Quality family life

Why do people move to a new home? Quality family life

Precisely 21.9% of survey participants stated they are willing to move to have a better quality of family life. Many people love to stay close to their loved ones, especially during daunting times. The sense of closeness has never been more valuable and important. Having a quality family life and staying near family members can be incredibly helpful and convenient for many people. 

Expanding family changes a lot of things. Couples looking to start a family prefer to move from an apartment to a bigger house with more space. Moving with children is never an easy task, but with the help of professional moving companies with years of experience, it can be easy and fun. It’s important to break the news about the move as gently as possible and give them enough time to properly adjust to their new home. Settling in is a long process, so don’t rush your family to feel at home right away.

3. Higher Standards of Living

Quality family life

Almost all of us are looking for better opportunities in life. That’s why many people choose to find a new place to start fresh. Others may use additional funds to buy a larger place in an affordable area with lower cost-of-living expenses. This will give them a higher living standard for a reasonable price. Cities with growing economies are among the top choices because of their ever-growing population and number of businesses.

According to analyzed data, 16.3% of participants stated higher living standards are one of the main reasons they’ll be willing to move. Americans, typically, tend to have higher living standards, even compared to other developed countries. Here are the cities with the most increased living costs in the U.S.

  • New York
  • San Francisco
  • Washington, D.C.
  • Miami

Interestingly, many people are eager to move there, despite the high cost of living. That’s probably because of
better-paid jobs, diversity, thriving communities, and endless new opportunities.

4. Need for more space

Why do people move to a new home? Need for more space.

One of the most common reasons for moving is when the current space no longer meets the homeowner’s needs. Small city apartments can be cramped, particularly for growing families. Most of the time people are moving for bigger, more spacious homes. This is also convenient when working remotely and for other long-distance arrangements requiring a home office or other quiet area. That’s why 16% of participants claimed their reason for relocating would be the need for more space.

Many people are willing to move and leave a big city for a small town, especially if that will allow them to have more open space and lower living costs. Living in suburban areas has many benefits, and having more space is just one of them. Being restless in a home can become a serious problem, so it’s no wonder that so many people are searching for a change of scenery and bigger houses with more rooms.

5. Changing schools

Why do people move to a new home? Need for more space.

Moving to a new place for higher education is always a plus. Education has always been a priority for a lot of people. Many students are relocating to some bigger and more important cities, famous for their great schooling systems. 

Also, many families with kids choose to move to popular areas where more favored schools are. Transferring schools can be a challenging experience, but getting a proper education is incredibly important. That’s why 6.3% of participants stated they’ll be willing to relocate because of a new school. Even though it’s common for many children to change schools, some kids can’t help but feel stressed about going to new schools and changing their familiar surroundings.

6. Taxes

High taxes can severely affect many people’s overall lifestyle and cost of living. That’s why it’s not a surprise that 0.6% of the participants stated that taxes could be one of the main reasons for their relocation. Even though no one likes to pay taxes, we all have to deal with them occasionally and that means moving to a different town or a country with lower taxes for some people. Virginia, Maryland, and New Jersey are just some states that tend to have higher state incomes and that is slowly becoming a big problem for some households.

So, why do people relocate?

So, why do people relocate?

Deciding to move is a big and life-changing decision that can severy affect your physical and mental state. Dealing with the stress of moving is never easy, but sometimes relocation can be the best possible solution for you. Moving can bring you many great and positive changes. 

As we can see, there are many potential reasons for the move. Different people have different needs and life expectations. In many cases, all it takes is just one chance for a better future, and many people would decide to follow it.

No matter your reason for relocation, our moving company can help you transfer your belongings to your new home. Our trucks are loaded up and always ready to relocate you, and our expert team is available 7 days a week, providing you with the best moving service.

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