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Where to Live in Maryland: Choosing a County by School District

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How has COVID-19 affected the school system in Maryland?

Since the COVID-19 global pandemic, learning has changed drastically for millions of students in Maryland and across the U.S. Many parents are struggling to determine the next steps in helping guide their children in this new academic landscape.

Schools quickly adapted to the realities of the pandemic and moved the classroom online. However, not every family has the advantage of owning a laptop or a computer able to access online platforms. Montgomery County schools have loaned more than 160,000 Chromebook laptops to give students access to online learning environments.

According to different school districts, schools will start the school year off virtually and move to in classroom learning starting mid-November. The expectation is to have 20-24 students enrolled in each hybrid class with 10-12 of those students in a classroom at a time.

Maryland’s recovery plan for education has been implemented to ensure a safe environment for students and teachers.

Here are some of the school protocols for COVID-19, practiced across all schools in Maryland:

  • physical distancing at school
  • hand and health hygiene
  • cleaning and disinfecting in the classroom
  • actions to take if a student or teacher shows symptoms
Covid-19 School in Maryland

Maryland’s Best School Districts

Maryland is among the top states with well-funded school districts and above-average proficiency rates in math and reading. This state is a great place to consider as a new home for many reasons.

In addition to relocating your belongings on time and in perfect condition, Zip Moving & Storage truly cares about providing the necessary information to help in the decision-making process of where to move in Maryland. Our children are what matters most, which is why we chose to conduct further research on the best schools and districts in the area.

Here are the 5 best school districts in Maryland:

  1. Montgomery County Public Schools is the largest school system in Maryland with 206 schools. MCPS is home to an outstanding 41 National Blue Ribbon schools.
  2. Prince George’s County Public Schools takes the second place on our list. A vast district made up of just over 200 schools, it is home to over 130,000 students. Prince George’s County has received recognition for its innovative learning programs.
  3. Baltimore County Public Schools falls under a large school district as well with 103 schools that have received attention for their high academic performance.
  4. Howard County Public Schools consists of 77 schools with a diverse student population. The district’s 4-year graduation rate is 92%, nearly 5% higher than the state’s average.
  5. Worcester County Public Schools– is headquartered in Newark, Maryland, and is composed of 24 schools in Worcester County. The district outshines in academics and maintains the highest concentration of 4 and 5 star schools of any school district in Maryland.

Montgomery County Public Schools:

Montgomery County Public Schools concluding paragraph:  According to Zip Moving & Storage’s research, Montgomery is the best school district in Maryland with high rankings. If you chose one of these amazing schools to enroll your kid, congratulations! Our Montgomery professional movers would be honored to make your relocation easy and enjoyable.

Cold Spring Elementary is one of the best schools in the country, as it continues to rank in the top 10% of Maryland schools over the past couple of years. The student/teacher ratio at Cold Spring Elementary is 18:1. Bannockburn Elementary, another school in the district, is also in the top 10% of all Maryland elementary schools.

Cold Spring Elementary

Number of students: 322

Student/teacher ratio: 18.1

Cold Spring Elementary is described as one of the best schools in the country! Their diligent students are proficient at Math (86%), and they also excel in Reading/Language Arts (87%). The state average hovers around 40%, so this is truly impressive! As for diversity, minority enrollment is 58% (40% Asian) of the student body.

The downside to Cold Spring is that the student/teacher ratio (18:1) is lower than the state average (15:1).

Bannockburn Elementary

Number of students: 454

Student/teacher ratio: 19.4

Bannockburn Elementary School makes the top 10% of all Maryland elementary schools and has excellent results in Math (82%) and Reading/Language Arts (80%). It is recommendable that the number of teachers has remained the same over the past few years, implying that the staff has built a strong relationship with the student body and the school. However, similar to Cold Spring, the number of student/teacher ratio is lower than the state average.

Diversity of students is not one of the school’s strong points, as minority enrollment is just 32%.

Where to Live in Maryland - Choosing a County by School District

Howard County Public Schools:

Howard County is headquartered in Ellicott City and reports a graduation rate above state and national averages. 

Clarksville Elementary rates in the top 10% of Maryland schools for overall test scores. The school has 430 students with a minority enrollment of 61%. Dayton Oaks is one of the largest schools on this list, with 677 enrolled students. Dayton Oaks ranks in the top 20% of schools in the state. 

As far as kindergarten and preschools go, Shermanecc is one of the best early childhood centers. It provides learning and positive social interaction opportunities for all children, which are inclusive and child-based, and most importantly, developmentally appropriate.

Clarksville Elementary

Number of students: 430

Student/teacher ratio: 14.8

Clarksville students love their Math lessons (86% in testing) but boast a lower Reading/Language Arts score (78%). Clarksville makes the top 10% of Maryland schools for overall test scores.

As for diversity, the school prides itself on it. Minority enrollment is 61% (equivalent to the state average), with Asian students accounting for 52%.

Dayton Oaks

Number of students: 677

Student/teacher ratio: 13.9

Dayton Oaks is one of the largest schools on our list. The student/teacher ratio is satisfactory, however, the percentage of students achieving proficiency in Math is 70%, and the Reading/Language Arts is even lower, 67%. With such results, the school makes only the top 20% of Maryland elementary schools.

Overall, enrollment rates are rising steadily. As for diversity, 38% of enrolled students are minority students, lower than the state average (Asian 23.6% and African American 8.1%).

Anne Arundel County Public Schools:

This district ranks second in Maryland for the number of National Board Certified teachers (520 educators). 

Shipley’s Choice Elementary has great overall performance and is one of the best schools in the district. It ranks in the top 5% for reading proficiency. Benfield Elementary has a student/teacher ratio of 16:1 and stands out as a great school on the state level.

Shipley’s Choice Elementary

Number of students: 374

Student/teacher ratio: 15.9

One of the most renowned schools in the country, Shipley’s Choice Elementary makes the top 5% in reading proficiency. Math follows closely, landing in the top 10%. 

The ratio of students to teachers is close to state levels, however, Shipley’s Choice does not have a very diverse student body. Minority enrollment is a mere 11%, perhaps indicating a reason for a decline in enrollment.

Benfield Elementary

Number of students: 446

Student/teacher ratio: 16.1

Math proficiency at Benfield Elementary is in the top 20% of the state with a proficiency of 81%, whereas Reading and Language Arts rank in the top 10% with 82%. Benfield Elementary certainly stands out on the state level!

The minority enrollment, however, is incredibly low, with only 14%. The majority of this percentage is of Hispanic origin.

Baltimore County Public Schools:

Baltimore County Public Schools concluding paragraph: The State of Maryland is filled with amazing schools, which is one of the greatest benefits of moving here. Zip Moving & Storage offers full moving services in Baltimore for the most affordable prices

Carroll Manor Elementary in Baldwin is one of the highest-rated elementary schools in Maryland. This school is in the top 10% in overall test scores. The student to teacher ratio is 15:9. Jacksonville Elementary has slightly more students enrolled and is still in the top 20% of schools in Maryland. The school scores very well when compared to average Maryland elementary schools.

Carroll Manor Elementary (in Baldwin)

Number of students: 349

Student/teacher ratio: 15.9

Carroll Manor Elementary, in Baldwin County, is incredibly high-rated. Students perform exceptionally well at Math (85-89% proficiency), but Reading/Language Arts is slightly more challenging for the students (75-79% proficiency). However, it does make the top 10% in overall test scores and individually.

The diversity of the student body is not a strong point, as minority students make up only 10% of the population.

Jacksonville Elementary

Number of students: 550

Student/teacher ratio: 17.5

Overall, Jacksonville Elementary is a top 20% school. Math tests rank in the top 20%, at 75%, whereas Reading/Language Arts proficiency is 67%. Minority students comprise 14% of the student body, comparably low to other schools in the state.

Though the number of students enrolled in Jacksonville Elementary is quite high, enrollment has declined by 9% in the last 5 years, with the number of teachers also decreasing by 18%. 

Still, Jacksonville Elementary scores very well compared to average Maryland elementary schools.

elementary school

Frederick County Public Schools:

Frederick County Public Schools concluding paragraph : Frederick County is home to one of the largest schools in Maryland. If the perfect school for your children that meets your standards is located here, leave it up to Zip Moving & Storage Frederick expert movers make your move effortless and a positive experience for you and your family.

Centerville Elementary

Number of students: 1,004

Student/teacher ratio: 17.1

The largest school on our list, Centerville Elementary exemplifies that you don’t need a small number of students to achieve great overall success and rank exceptionally well. The school makes the top 10% of Maryland elementary schools in the total scores of math and language individually. Their Math proficiency is 82%, and Reading/Language Arts is 77%. 

There are many dedicated, full-time teachers, which surely contributes to high test scores. Minority enrollment at Centerville Elementary is 48% (21% Asian and 12% Hispanic).

Urbana Elementary

Number of students: 712

Student/teacher ratio: 17.6

Urbana Elementary may not seem so appealing based on test scores: its Math score is 66% (which still ranks the school in the top 20%), and Reading/Language Arts is only at 62% (top 30% of the state). However, Urbana was the proud recipient of the Blue Ribbon Award last year, which may be taken as a sign that improvements are on the way. 

The minority enrollment is 39% of the student body, with free lunch recipients accounting for 10% of the population.

Prince George’s County Public Schools:

This district oversees a total enrollment of over 130,000 students. Students of this district benefit from a number of special programs, such as the Even Start Family Literacy Program and Talented and Gifted Programs.

Glenarden Woods Elementary ranks in the top 20% of the schools in Maryland and has the highest minority enrollment of 92%. Heather Hills Elementary ranks in the top 30% of Maryland elementary schools with its test scores. The student/teacher ratio in this school is 17:5

Glenarden Woods Elementary

Number of students: 463

Student/teacher ratio: 17.3

Math proficiency at Glenarden is only 64%, which may indicate that your child might not be challenged if they are passionate about maths or sciences. The Reading/Language proficiency is at 75%. Total scores place Glenarden Woods in the top 20% of Maryland schools.

Regarding diversity, this school has the highest minority enrollment — up to 92%. The majority of the student body is African American. Free or discounted lunch is very popular among students, as many as 45.7% apply for it.

Heather Hills Elementary

Number of students: 383

Student/teacher ratio: 17.5

Heather Hills ranks in the top 30% of Maryland elementary schools with its test scores. Reading/Language Arts proficiency hovers around 62%, and Math proficiency is below 60% — standing at 55%. 

As for diversity, minority students are the majority here. African American students make up 65.8% of the student body, and Asian students 8.6%. The free lunch option is used by 21.4%

Maryland Schools system

In conclusion...

Maryland is home to many engaging, stimulating, and outstanding schools. Our list outlines many schools and neighborhoods to choose from, depending on where your preferences lie. We wish you the best of luck with your move, and great test scores!

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