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Short Moving Stories

Reading time: 4 minutes

Note: Any similarities to actual persons, living or dead, or actual events, is purely coincidental.

Working as a mover at a moving company gives us the opportunity to interact with an array of individuals. Sometimes, people call us with requests to move strange and unusual inventory. At this point, you would have thought we’d seen it all, but once in a while, we get taken by surprise. Here is a list of some of our favorite things we’ve been asked to move.

Boxes are always fun to move, even empty ones

A pile of empty cardboard boxes – I get it, empty boxes drive me up the wall with how annoying they are, so calling a professional moving company to move them for me would honestly be at the top of the list…

A Garage full of art

We’re talking handmade sculptures from coffee mug sizes all the way to life-size sculptures, and I loved it. They were all shapes and sizes, with interesting designs and out-of-this-world colors. The skill, patience, and dedication that it must’ve taken is so impressive. I am just mad I have zero of that talent!

Moving machines can be a fun experience

Different variety of machines – From claw machines to candy machines to dancing machines, we’ve moved them all. Good thing I am not the one moving those though, I’d probably end up playing with them rather than moving them…and don’t get me started on the candy machine, I am a sugar fiend, nothing in the vicinity of 5 steps is safe!

When Halloween comes early

Coffin – Not what you may think, we thought the same thing! This was part of a magic shop, complete with a spinning dart for knife throwing. Unfortunately, the target girl/model didn’t come with, better luck next time.

A house Snoopy would be jealous of

Custom dog house –  Whatever you are thinking, multiple it by 10. This was a 2 story wooden house with a doggy couch/bed and a whole kitchen and living room. Honestly, I’d do the same thing for my puppy, Mr.Noodles…now if only I could build it…

Moving mannequins - a tough crowd to please

Mannequins – On a daily basis, we usually get a few requests for us to move partners or sleeping husbands, and to be honest we almost came close one time…just kidding! But we did get to move some lovely real-life-size mannequins. A lovely bunch of folks, a little too quiet for my liking though.

No matter how unique of a request - we are here for you

No request is strange for us at this point, which is what makes us so good at what we do. We have seen and done it all. So next time you are thinking about moving that huge statue of Homer Simpson from your living room, give us a ring, we can definitely help *wink*.