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Moving in Fall; Pros and Cons

moving in fall
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Fall has crept up on us almost unnoticed, and we’ve transitioned swiftly from summer into this lovely golden-copper season. It’s time to dig out our favorite fall and Halloween decorations. Few things are as delightful as snuggling under a cozy blanket, sipping pumpkin spice lattes, and admiring the beautiful autumn colors. The only thing that might be even better is enjoying all of this in a brand-new home.

Moving in Fall - Pros and Cons

Moving can be an exciting yet challenging experience, and moving during the fall months comes with both unique benefits and difficulties. Many find that relocating in the fall results in a smooth and pleasant transition, whereas others find it to be stressful.

As professional movers, we at Zip Moving & Storage believe autumn to be an excellent time for relocating! Here are some of the pros and cons to consider when moving during the fall time.


1.The weather is typically nice

Moving during the fall months often provides a much more comfortable experience than other seasons, weather-wise. The summer and winter months are often unpredictable with extreme temperatures, humidity, and unexpected storms. Summer brings heat and humidity, making moving an uncomfortable and exhausting experience, and winter can bring cold temperatures and unpleasant precipitation, making moving conditions unfavorable and oftentimes dangerous.

Fall weather is a perfect in-between; the temperature is typically pleasant, and there are fewer hazards that may pose a risk to the safety of your move.

2.Professional movers have lower rates and more availability

Summer is the peak season for moving and therefore the most expensive. If you wait a couple of months, you are often able to get a better deal and more options when it comes to securing your desired moving date and time

3.Home prices are lower after peak season

The peak time for buying houses in the United States is in the summer. When fall arrives, kids start going back to school and parents back to work after summer vacation, resulting in the average house price falling between the months of October-March.

4.You’ll be settled before the holidays

Zip Moving & Storage can get you settled into your new place before you get busy with the holidays. All of the chaos surrounding moving will be complete in time for you to spend valuable holiday time with your family and friends. Think about how exciting it will be to plan the holiday season in your new home!

5. Scenic Natural Beauty

Fall is when the leaves on trees change colors, creating beautiful landscapes. This can make your move more picturesque and enjoyable. The landscapes are painted with warm, earthy tones, and the scenery of trees shedding their leaves in an elegant dance is nothing short of spectacular.

This natural beauty can turn a routine moving process into a memorable journey through the season’s wonders.

6. Social Gatherings

Many communities organize events to celebrate the fall season, such as fall fairs, pumpkin festivals, and Oktoberfest gatherings. This can be an amazing way to get to know your new neighbors and make some new friends among them. You can make new friends, forge connections, and get a sense of the vibrant social life in your new area. Fall is the perfect season for that!

Besides, who doesn’t like pumpkin spice lattes (I know I mentioned them already) and a pleasant walk around the new area with some lovely and welcoming neighbors?


1.Fall moves may interfere with back to school

The first downside of moving during the fall is that this usually coincides with the time that many children go back to school. If you are moving with kids, this can be a difficult change for them, especially if you are moving long-distance and your children will need to change schools. Many families choose to move during the summer for this reason, and as this will likely result in a more stable experience for your kids, it may be the reason that you choose to do the same

2.You may find it difficult to sell your old house

Moving can be difficult in the fall months if you are not staying in a rented apartment or have not yet sold your house. Since the housing market is hottest during the summer months, you may experience a lack of demand in the fall months and therefore find it difficult to sell your home. This is something to consider when planning a move to a new home.

Enjoy your fall move to the fullest

As we’ve already emphasized, each season has its own distinctions. However, moving during the early, most beautiful part of autumn is truly something special and memorable. The weather is still pleasant, not too cold yet, and while you’re packing, you can savor the autumn colorings and the refreshing breeze that accompanies those fall afternoons.

There will always be pros and cons when it comes to moving, regardless of which season you choose to move in. At Zip Moving & Storage, we believe fall is a great season to move in with only a few minor cons. Whichever season you choose to move in, we’re here to help make your move effortless and quick!

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