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What review platform do you trust most (Google Reviews, Yelp, or BBB)?

What review platform do you trust most
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Let's discover what the leading review platforms are

A good reputation is incredibly important for many companies and businesses. Understanding the target audience and customers is the key to success. A customer needs to determine the quality of services many companies offer, leading us to rating platforms. This research has shown us how generations and genders react towards favored rating platforms. Although all are popular and credible in their own way, Google reviews, Yelp, and BBB attract different clients.

Let's discover what the leading review platforms are.

Why do people trust these platforms?

According to the new statistics, 94,3 % of people who were included in this research trust these three popular platforms: 

  • Google reviews
  • Yelp reviews
  • Better Business Bureau reviews (BBB)

Why do so many people trust Google reviews?

  • So, why do men trust Google reviews the most? The answer probably lies in the fact that Google has the greatest authority among all platforms. Google review is a reliable platform with many services and trustworthy reviews.
  • Google reviews can also be a huge boost for your business, increasing online exposure.

Why is the BBB rating platform the most trusted among older generations?

  • The older population puts their confidence in BBB mostly because it is the oldest rating platform and is quite user-friendly. BBB platform is still maintaining high standards for truthful advertising.
  • Accreditation from the Better Business Bureau can bring many strategic benefits; it also adds credibility to the brands and services.

Why do the younger generations put faith in Yelp?

  • Younger generations recognize Yelp as a trustworthy platform. To use Yelp successfully, it is necessary to download the application and open an account, which is not a problem for the younger population. In addition, Yelp is also widely known as one of the best restaurant rating platforms.
  • Good reviews on the Yelp platform can bring new clients regularly, attracting many people to it. Many of them believe that Yelp has trustworthy reviews and great personal recommendations

Only a small number of respondents (2, 85%) stated that they don’t trust any platform, making it less than 5% of the entire users

Why do the younger generations put faith in Yelp?

What is the most trusted rating platform (By gender and age)?

Users aged between 25 and 35  have confidence in almost the same percentage of Google reviews (38.67%) and Yelp (34.67), while BBB comes in third place with 22.05%

What is the most trusted rating platform (By gender and age)?

Interestingly, a similar thing happened in the other group that gathered people between 35 and 44 male and female. Many of them believe only in Google Reviews 40.54 % and Yelp & 31.08 %. BBB again comes in third place with a solid 25.68%.

What is the most trusted rating platform (By gender and age)?

When it comes to the third group aged 45 to 54, research has shown that the vast majority trust Google reviews 40.66%. Yelp is again in second place with 28 57% and, not surprisingly, BBB is in third place with 26.37%.

What is the most trusted rating platform (By gender and age)?

A shift had occurred when we analyzed data in the fourth group (55 – 64). BBB came in first place with 34.73 %. Google reviews came second with 34.13, and Yelp was the last with only 25.13 %.

What is the most trusted rating platform (By gender and age)?

It’s no surprise that Google reviews are the most influential – Almost all ages trust this platform, except the oldest, who have more confidence in the BBB.

What is the most trusted rating platform (By gender and age)?

Another interesting survey detail is that more women than men have confidence in BBB, with men relying more on Google reviews (36, 56%).

What is the most trusted rating platform (By gender and age)?

Moving companies ratings on Google, Yelp, and BBB

Like we previously said, customers want to be sure that they can trust the company they’ve chosen. The same thing goes for moving companies. You have to be extra careful because there are a lot of scam-moving companies out there. They tend to attract potential clients with low prices, but they lack insurance and a proper license. That’s why you should check if the moving company is certified before you go with their services.

Looking for a reliable moving company ? You are in the right place. The customers need to know that they are in safe hands. That’s why it’s important to know which moving company you can fully trust. The best way to check if a moving company is legitimate is by looking at their MC and USDOT number

Also, any certified moving company needs to have insurance and policy covers. Both of those numbers need to be active and operative. You can also check the moving reviews for additional information and reassurance. Reading a moving company’s review is a great way to see other customer’s experiences with a specific moving company.

Which reviews are more relevant?

These analyses have shown us what the most trustful review platforms are. They also help us avoid many scam companies. If you are an average customer, viewing reviews on Google, BBB or Yelp will help you make the final decision and opinion. 

However, if you are a small company, you will need to invite your clients to leave a review on all three platforms. A review on at least one platform is necessary, especially if you don’t have the required resources. 

This shows how important and valuable these three platforms are for companies and potential customers. Google Reviews remain the best solution, and you can even be sure that your site will have a better ranking because of it.

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