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How to Move With a Baby

Having a baby is one of those monumental milestones in life. You’re rarely entirely prepared for that step, and it’s almost sure to change you in one way or another, to a greater or lesser extent, forever.  It’s a journey filled with unexpected challenges, immense joy, and profound growth. 

Do you know what also brings unexpected challenges? That’s right, you guessed it, moving to your new home! Combine these two, and you are in for a wild ride! Luckily, we are experts in those kinds of crazy rollercoasters and are here to help and offer you some helpful advice.

Moving With a Newborn

Moving with a newborn can be challenging, but with thoughtful planning, you can make the transition smoother for your little one and yourself. To reduce stress, maintain as much of your baby’s routine as possible. Pack a dedicated bag with all the essentials, including plenty of diapers, wipes, formula or breast milk, bottles, and several changes of clothes. Include comfort items like their favorite blanket or pacifier to help soothe them during the journey.

Tips to Make Moving With Baby Easier

1. Prepare baby-specific skincare products

Ensure you have baby-specific skincare products to protect their sensitive skin and remember to wear a good baby sunscreen if you are outdoors.

2. Plan for stops and breaks

Plan for frequent stops to feed, change, and cuddle your baby, allowing for some stretch and playtime. Bring a portable crib or pack ‘n play for safe and familiar sleeping arrangements and a baby monitor if you need to step away.

3. Have a first-aid kit

Having a well-stocked first aid kit, including infant pain relievers and a digital thermometer, is crucial. A lightweight stroller or baby carrier can also be handy for mobility during travel. Stay flexible and be ready to adjust your plans based on your baby’s needs. Keeping organized and attentive can ensure a comfortable and successful move for the entire family.

4. Pack an essential baby box

Pack your baby’s essentials in a single, easily accessible box and keep track of its location. Depending on the distance of your move, you may not have the energy to unpack everything immediately. Prepare a box containing all your baby’s items for the first 24 hours after arriving at your new home. Include the following:

  • Diapers
  • Wipes
  • Pajamas
  • A couple of outfits for the next day
  • A baby bathtub
  • Shampoo/body wash
  • Formula
  • A sleep sack
  • Spoons

5. Find the right pediatrician

Another important tip is to find a pediatrician before you move. You know how it is with babies and small kids. They are always a bit sick and need some checkups. So, before moving, find a skilled pediatrician in your new area. You will find peace of mind knowing your little one will be safe.

6. Contact professional movers

Our next piece of advice is to choose the right moving company that will truly understand your needs and create a tailored moving plan. Ensure the moving company you select is well-informed about your specific situation. At Zip, we pride ourselves on crafting personalized moving plans that cater to the unique needs of our clients.

Every move has its own story, and when a newborn is involved, it’s essential to leave the packing, transportation, and unpacking to professionals. This allows you to dedicate more time and attention to your baby and other important tasks, making the entire process smoother and less stressful.

Another essential part of creating your moving plan is picking the right date. Choose one that will work for you and your little family. Once you set the date, contact the reliable moving company and let them know. You will work out the other essential details together.

Things To Pack When Moving Cross Country With a Baby

Traveling with a baby can be challenging, as every parent knows well. Crossing borders with a little one presents a new difficulty, requiring even more attention and planning. Moving long distances with a baby requires extra attention to detail and planning to ensure a smooth transition for you and your little one. That’s why we’re here to provide you with a helpful checklist of essentials your baby will need for this long journey.

Diapers and Wipes

  • Pack enough diapers for the journey, plus a few extra days and baby wipes for diaper changes and cleaning up spills or messes.

Formula, Breast Milk, and Bottles

  • Pre-measured formula or pumped breast milk in a cooler bag.

Clothing and Blankets

  • Multiple outfits for the baby, including layers for varying temperatures
  • Extra blankets for warmth and comfort

Baby Food and Snacks

  • Ready-to-eat baby food jars or pouches
  • Snacks for older babies, like teething biscuits or small pieces of fruit
  • Pack several pacifiers and teething toys to soothe your baby

Comfort and Sleep

  • Portable Crib or Pack ‘n Play

First Aid Kit

  • Baby-specific first aid items like an infant pain reliever, a digital thermometer, and any prescribed medication

Sun Protection

  • Babies have very sensitive skin, and sun exposure is not recommended. Therefore, always have the appropriate SPF and creams your baby needs to keep their skin soft and comfortable.

Travel Gear

  • A Car Seat is essential. You need to install it properly to ensure your baby’s safety and comfort.

Changing Pad

  • A portable changing pad for diaper changes on the go

Important Documents

  • Copies of your baby’s birth certificate, medical records, and necessary travel documents

Try To Keep Up With The Baby’s Routine

Crafting a consistent schedule for your baby is a lifesaver for any new parent. It keeps your little one content and ensures peace of mind during those initial months. When planning your move, tailor your schedule around your baby’s routine. 

Utilize their wake windows strategically, whether for packing, traveling to your new place, or unloading boxes upon arrival. When nap time rolls around, create a tranquil environment for your baby to sleep in, allowing you to tackle unpacking or sneak in a well-deserved break. You can bring special toys or play peaceful, relaxing music your baby likes.

Remember, a well-planned schedule is the key to a smoother transition for you and your bundle of joy.

Zip Is Here For You and Your Baby

Moving house with a small baby has its difficulties, but it’s entirely doable with careful preparation. Even with these handy moving tips, the experience might still be stressful. To keep your cool, have a few emergency strategies ready for when tensions rise. Load up your fully charged iPad with a few favorite shows, or create a playlist of your child’s beloved songs. Also, ask your realtor about nearby parks or walking trails for a much-needed outdoor escape.

Employ whatever tactics are necessary to keep everyone, including yourself, calm and composed throughout the day. After everything is finished and you and your baby have peacefully settled in your new home, you can think about hosting a housewarming party. You will need some fun, and it’s always good to get familiar with your neighbors, especially when you have little ones.

Think of us as your friendly neighbors, always ready to assist you. If we can make a slight difference, we would be happy to create a moving plan tailored to your needs.

Babies are true bundles of joy. Moving with a baby is less stressful for us, so let us take the burden off your shoulders and move you and your baby with the ease and peacefulness you deserve. Zip loves happy customers and happy babies even more. Our professionals will ensure everything goes smoothly and according to your plan.