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Columbia, MD: Move to the Happiest Town in Maryland

A family of four in the happiest town in Maryland
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What would be your top priorities when choosing a new place to live? Is it a better job, more entertainment options, quality schools, spacious homes, or is there something else? After a certain age, people who want to settle simply look for a place to be happy. It’s that simple. However, simplicity is not always easy to find. Thankfully, we’re here to help! Start looking for a new home in the happiest town in Maryland – Columbia. This charming place will be everything you’re looking for, and let’s see why. 

What to Know About Columbia, MD

The first step when looking for an excellent place to live is learning some facts about it. This can help you gain some perspective and compare it to where you currently live. However, remember that these facts don’t necessarily define your future lifestyle and happiness there, but it’s good to know more about the place before you move.

Columbia is a town in Maryland located right outside Baltimore, 20 miles southwest of this significant city. It has a population of about 108,000, which makes it a perfectly sized place to grow a career and raise a family. The population growth in the last decade has led to the opening of many businesses and business opportunities, as well as more cultural events, recreational places, and more.

Regarding real estate information, you should know that home prices went up last year, and the median price is about $476,000. Also, buying and selling a house here doesn’t take long – the average home spends about 20 days on the market. 

Are you looking for a home in Baltimore? Choose among its 20 neighborhoods, each with excellent facilities for your family. Some of the best areas in Columbia include Town Center Village, Kings Contrivance, The village of Wilde Lake, and the Village of River Hill. Check them out, and our team will relocate your household in any of these areas with zero stress and hassle.

The average household income in Columbia, MD, is about $125,000, and most families own their homes. An average-sized apartment in Columbia costs about $2,050, but prices vary depending on the location, size, and other factors. We know it’s not always easy to decide on renting or buying, but Columbia might convince you to invest there and stay for good.

What makes Columbia the Happiest Town in Maryland?

Columbia has ranked high in state and national lists of happiest places to live for a couple of consecutive years, and there are good reasons for it. Let’s see what makes Columbia families so content with their lives here—and maybe help you decide to call it your home, too.


The place you live significantly affects your lifestyle and overall happiness. Baltimore has a great location, but Columbia, being a bit away from all the big-city-hassle, is even better. Families living in Columbia love it for being a safe, peaceful community with all the access to Baltimore’s amenities and opportunities. While close to the big city, Columbia’s residents enjoy quiet, well-maintained streets, friendly neighborhoods, and an overall relaxed atmosphere. At the same time, they can grow their careers in Baltimore or Washington, knowing they can come to their ‘safe space’ and enjoy the rest of the day.


Residents of Columbia mostly enjoy a comfortable lifestyle due to the increased financial stability. The median household income in this town is about $114,000, which is above the state and country averages. The relaxed financial situation certainly is a huge happiness factor that made Columbia part of the list of the happiest places to live, as it allows its residents to live more comfortably and focus on other aspects of life.

Remember: Comfortable finances don’t mean you shouldn’t worry about your moving expenses, as these can go way up if you’re not careful. Moving cost factors include distance, pickup and delivery dates, travel expenses, the size of your household, and additional costs such as storage or packing services. Use the moving cost calculator to get an estimate of your relocation so you can prepare the budget or make some tweaks if necessary. However, always insist on transparent and detailed moving forecasts from a professional and ensure no hidden costs are hidden in small letters.

Culture and recreation

We know that money isn’t everything, right? Another reason why people in Columbia lead happier lives is the ability to soak up the culture and enjoy their time through some great recreational activities. Columbia has plenty of parks and green spaces to enjoy your free time with your family, your pets, or simply yourself. Wilde Lake Park, Blandair Regional Park, Cedar Lane Park – these are only some places where you can find amazing playgrounds, walking trails, fishing, boating, and more. Pet owners like to take their dogs into some of the many dog parks in the area so you can genuinely have fun with your four-legged friend.

Education and safety

Many new families are coming to Columbia, MD, and are moving here with their children. This is an excellent decision, as Columbia, MD, is a great place to raise your kids. Besides the factors we mentioned earlier, Columbia also has excellent schools. Its education system provides quality programs, and public and private schools have consistently ranked highly. Regarding higher education, students here have easy access to colleges and universities in the area – Howard Community College, University of Maryland, John Hopkins University, and others.

A family of three in a kitchen

Emotional and physical well-being

All the previous factors we mentioned lead to Columbia residents feeling happier and more relaxed than people in some other places in the state. With all the main areas of your life filled with content, it’s way easier to maintain physical and mental well-being, which results in a rather happy community. That’s why you should start your Columbia adventure on a good foot – plan your relocation well to minimize stress and the chance of failure. Plan everything on time so you can deal with the complex process of moving. And finally, make sure you’re in good hands – hiring a reliable moving team is a top priority with both local and long-distance moves.

Moving to Columbia Should be Stress-Free

You can make your upcoming move to Columbia as smooth as possible in several ways. As we mentioned, your top priority should be a professional, trustworthy moving team you’ll trust with your items. Always closely examine the company’s reviews and overall online presence. Take notes from friends who recently moved and get recommendations from those you trust.

Next is your budget. A rough moving estimate isn’t enough, so ensure you have a detailed list of your items and all the services and expenses. Prepare your moving budget on time, as financial problems are one of the most common causes of stress during moving.

A family of three moving into a new home in Columbia

Finally, plan your moving timeline in detail. Even though it may sound like an unnecessary step, knowing every step of the way will ensure you don’t forget something and avoid common relocation mistakes. Take your time and list everything you need to do, including packing, cleaning, sorting out documents, payments, and more, and stick to your list until it’s time to unpack in your new home. You should cherish predictability in your moving process, as it leads to a safe and problem-free relocation.

Welcome to the happiest place in Maryland!

One thing is for sure – it will be easy to settle in Columbia. After all the relocation chaos cools down, you’ll be able to see the true beauty of your new home and enjoy the new life chapter with your family.

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