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Why Anne Arundel County Is the Perfect Place to Live?

Aerial view of chesapeake bay in Annapolis Maryland.
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At the heart of Anne Arundel County lies Annapolis, Maryland’s State capital, renowned as one of America’s top 10 places to live. Within its historic district, you will find many mesmerizing places to visit and explore. The architecture includes 18th-century brick houses, and the whole area perfectly blends urban and suburban.

But that’s not all that sets this county apart and makes it a prime living destination. If you’re eager to uncover all the perks of moving to this area, just keep reading!

Is Anne Arundel County a good place to live?

Anne Arundel County is highly desirable for its rich history, picturesque landscapes, extensive amenities, and exceptional quality of life. It is an ideal choice for residents seeking a balanced lifestyle in Maryland.

The central city within Anne Arundel County is Annapolis, which also serves as the capital of Maryland. Its quaint cobblestone streets and picturesque waterfront offer a unique charm. Annapolis boasts a rich heritage as the home of the renowned United States Naval Academy

Annapolis provides an enriching lifestyle, from its vibrant cultural scene to its diverse culinary offerings and recreational opportunities along the Chesapeake Bay. Its strong sense of community and top-notch amenities make it a desirable destination for all generations.

Colonial Annapolis Maryland city dock with sailboats.

What are the benefits of moving to Anne Arundel County?

The benefits of relocating to Anne Arundel County are numerous. Here are just some of them:

  • Proximity to Baltimore and Washington, D.C. – The proximity to these places allows many to enjoy the tranquility and natural beauty offered by Annapolis. At the same time, they can easily and quickly access D.C. and Baltimore if their job requires it.

  • The fantastic coastline – With over 533 miles of coastline, the area is renowned for its boating, fishing, crabbing, water skiing, sailing, and swimming opportunities. If you want to lead a healthy and active lifestyle, this is the perfect place for you and your loved ones. The entire area offers a variety of recreational opportunities. The county is dotted with lush greenways, with the Anne Arundel County Trails as a prime example. This expansive network of recreational and transportation trails features favorites such as the B&A Trail, BWI Trail, Broadneck Peninsula Trail, and WB&A Trail.

  • Strong economy –  Benefit from a diverse economy with opportunities in government, defense, healthcare, and more. In Anne Arundel County, most residents enjoy the pride of homeownership, fostering a sense of belonging and security within the community. Additionally, the county’s vibrant landscape is adorned with many bars, restaurants, coffee shops, and parks, creating a dynamic and inviting environment for residents to socialize, unwind, and connect with nature.

  • Quality of life – The low crime rates, well-established healthcare, schools, and universities, along with the charmingly landscaped yards adorned with historic homes, significantly enhance the quality of life in this county. These factors serve as the main allure for many considering a move there. From the young to the elderly, the sustained high migration rate to these areas speaks volumes about their excellent quality of life.

Does Anne Arundel County have good schools?

According to Niche, the entire county has excellent schools. Anne Arundel County is recognized for its superb schools, offering quality education and numerous academic opportunities for students at all levels. From innovative teaching methods to advanced facilities, the county’s schools consistently demonstrate a commitment to educational excellence and student success.

Anne Arundel County Public Schools, the school district serving Anne Arundel County, Maryland, stands out as one of the largest in the nation, accommodating over 80,000 students. With a robust team of over 5,000 teachers, the district offers a comprehensive Pre-K through 12th-grade curriculum, prioritizing academic excellence and student success.

Some of the best and most popular schools are:

  • Annapolis High School, Annapolis
  • Glen Burnie High School, Glen Burnie
  • Annapolis Middle School
  • Chesapeake Bay Middle School
  • Arundel Middle School

What is Anne Arundel County famous for?

Anne Arundel County is famous for its picturesque waterfronts, historic charm, and rich cultural heritage. The area offers stunning views and abundant recreational activities, such as boating, fishing, and sailing.

Annapolis is known for its well-preserved colonial architecture, cobblestone streets, and a lively arts scene. When you combine all of this, it is understandable that the entire area attracts residents and visitors alike with its blend of natural beauty, historical significance, and modern amenities.

Chapel dome and skyline in Annapolis Maryland.

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