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Annual Events in Atlanta

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Are you wondering what events are happening in Atlanta this weekend? Look no further! 

In the heart of the American South, Atlanta seamlessly blends tradition with modernity. The city’s rich history and diverse culture offer a vibrant tapestry of experiences for all who visit.

Atlanta isn’t just a thriving hub for career advancement; it’s also a haven for entertainment seekers. The city’s booming economy and diverse job opportunities propel professional growth. Yet, amidst the hustle, Atlanta’s lively arts scene, bustling nightlife, and various cultural events ensure that there’s always a bright moment for those seeking leisure and entertainment.

What Are the Major Events in Atlanta?

Some significant events in Atlanta include the Atlanta Film Festival, the Atlanta Jazz Festival, the Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, Dragon Con, Music Midtown, and the Atlanta Pride Festival. These events showcase the city’s rich cultural diversity and vibrant entertainment scene, attracting locals and visitors year after year.

The Atlanta Fair

The iconic Atlanta Fair will bring back popular carnival games and amazingly delicious fair food (remember to come with an empty stomach). Think about all the cotton candy floating through the air! The Atlanta Fair will undoubtedly have a myriad of different attractions. The event is family-oriented, so that you can expect exciting attractions for kids of all ages.

  • Location: Georgia State Stadium 755 Hank Aaron Dr. SE

How long will the Atlanta fair be open?

Experience the magic of the fair! The Atlanta Fair returns to town, revving up from March 1 to April 7, 2024. Catch the excitement opposite the Georgia State Stadium at Central Ave SW and Ralph David Abernathy Blvd junction.

Atlanta Dogwood Festival

The Atlanta Dogwood Festival is an annual arts and craft festival in Piedmont Park. This is one of Atlanta’s most well-known and oldest celebrations. The event is one of the best and most popular, held between April 12-14th.

The festival showcases virtually every different kind of art, including:

  • Sculptures
  • Paintings
  • Pottery
  • Jewelry
  • Photography


Hundreds of artists from around the country head to Atlanta to display and sell their work at the festival’s artist market.

The Dogwood Festival is a three-day weekend event across different areas of Piedmont Park. In addition to the vibrant artist market, the festival offers a delightful kid’s village, engaging interactive games, exciting competitions, live music to set the atmosphere abuzz, and an array of captivating entertainment options.

Atlanta Jazz Festival

With its improvisational flair and soulful rhythms, jazz music captivates audiences worldwide. Rooted in African-American culture and born in the vibrant streets of New Orleans, jazz has evolved into a diverse genre that embraces many styles and influences.

The Atlanta Jazz Festival celebrates amazing music, diverse culture, and beautiful art annually. It kicks off in April and culminates each Memorial Day weekend with an outdoor extravaganza featuring jazz artists from around the globe.

The festival’s primary mission is to introduce and entertain a diverse audience of jazz enthusiasts, young music lovers, and aspiring musicians to jazz’s rich heritage and diversity as a quintessentially American art form.

Is Atlanta Jazz Fest free?

Admission to the Atlanta Jazz Festival is free, allowing everyone to enjoy the music. The festival is made possible through the generous support of corporate sponsorships and the dedicated efforts of Atlanta Jazz Festival, Inc., a nonprofit organization devoted to preserving its legacy.

  • Location – Piedmont Park, Atlanta, Georgia
  • When – May 25-27, 2024 (Memorial Day Weekend)

BeltLine Lantern Parade

Parades reflect a community’s identity. In 2010, the Atlanta BeltLine Lantern Parade emerged onto the city’s art scene, drawing a few hundred excited attendees. Chantelle Rytter and the Krewe of the Grateful Gluttons are driven by an artistic mission: to foster open, participatory platforms for creative expression in public settings.

Since then, it has evolved into a beloved event, with tens of thousands of lantern enthusiasts joining the celebration. All are invited to partake in this enchanting experience, regardless of whether you’re a seasoned parade-goer or a first-timer. Bring your lantern and add light to the mesmerizing glow that illuminates the Atlanta BeltLine corridor! Imagine that unique experience!

  • Address – Westside Trail

Atlanta Music Festivals

With a dynamic lineup boasting more than 30 artists spread across four stages over three days, Music Midtown caters to a diverse range of musical tastes. Whether you’re into rock and roll, hip hop, pop, electronic beats, or something in between, Music Midtown has reigned as Atlanta’s most popular music festival. Dive into interactive sponsor activities, ride the Ferris Wheel for stunning views, and enjoy the Midtown skyline as a backdrop.

At Music Midtown, enjoy a delicious assortment of Atlanta’s favorite local eats, including gluten-free and vegan options and classic treats like corn dogs. With a wide variety of choices, there’s something to suit every taste and energize you for a fun weekend. You get the best of both worlds—an excellent music scene and tasty food. What more could you ask for?

Where is the Atlanta Music Festival?

Set in the heart of Atlanta’s serene Piedmont Park, Music Midtown offers more than just music (although the music scene is always fantastic). Spanning over 200 acres, this park is a central hub for community gatherings in the city’s heart.

Atlanta Film Festival

The Atlanta Film Festival is a yearly non-profit gathering dedicated to spotlighting an array of independent films, emphasizing diversity and the cultural richness of the American Southwest.

At the Atlanta Film Festival, attendees can expect diverse events complementing the primary film screenings.

While the films remain the main attraction, between 150 and 250 annually, they hail from a global pool of submissions spanning approximately 50 countries. This ensures a rich and varied cinematic experience for all festival-goers.

  • Location – 1049 Ponce De Leon Ave NE, Atlanta, GA 30306, USA

Atlanta Food and Wine Festival

The Atlanta Food & Wine Festival, typically held over a weekend in the fall, celebrates Southern cuisine. From classic favorites to innovative fusion dishes, along with a selection of fine wines and trendy bar offerings, this festival promises to cater to every taste bud, ensuring a satisfying experience for all food enthusiasts.

The Festival sets itself apart from other culinary and beverage events in Atlanta, offering a unique experience that reflects its slightly more upscale vibe. While the price may be higher, it’s undoubtedly worth it, providing attendees with a premium culinary journey and an elevated atmosphere that enhances the overall experience. If you are wondering where the Atlanta Food and Wine Festival is held, Historic Fourth Ward Park is the correct answer!

It features more than 50 tasting stations, so get all-inclusive tickets as soon as possible. Eat Your Way Around Atlanta!

Surrender to the Charms of Atlanta and Embrace Every Moment of the Festival

Atlanta’s festivals offer diverse experiences that bring together music, food, and community in a lively celebration. From the colorful Atlanta Dogwood Festival to the soulful tunes of the Atlanta Jazz Festival, each event adds a unique flavor to the city’s cultural scene.

As we enjoy these festivals’ music, food, and atmosphere, we celebrate Atlanta’s diversity and forge connections that unite us.

Whether you’re a music lover, a foodie, or just looking for a good time, Atlanta’s festivals promise an exceptional experience that leaves a lasting impression. So join us in embracing the spirit of Atlanta’s festivals, where every moment celebrates life, art, and the vibrant energy of this dynamic city.

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