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Moving Trucks Coloring Book

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While moving can be an enriching experience for kids, it can also be stressful. Kids are creatures of habit, and breaking that habit can be difficult for some of them. That’s why Zip Moving and Storage offers children coloring books and other activities to help them adjust to their new environment. We know how to make moving easy and fun, especially for the youngsters.

Coloring books can be useful for parents to engage their children while they pack or unpack. They can also help kids understand better what moving means and prepare them for their upcoming relocation. By providing coloring books, Zip Moving and Storage will ease the anxiety some children may experience during a move and make the whole process more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Are you jumping up and down with excitement at the sight of a Zip moving truck, just like the boy in the picture? I believe the answer is yes, so make sure to color it in the brightest of colors! The moving truck behind him is decorated with vibrant colors and patterns, we recommend using a lot of blue and orange to fill out your coloring book.

Color the boy, the box, and the moving truck.
Two Zip movers and a hand truck with boxes.
Color the living room and Zip mover with a box.
Color the house Zip moving truck and moving boxes.
Professional mover with a box and a chair.
Color our Zip truck in front of the traffic lights.
Zip Movers with a dolly and three moving boxes.

Download the complete coloring book right HERE

Leaving familiar surroundings and friends behind is never easy, especially for kids. Zip Moving and Storage understand that better than anyone because we have been in the moving industry for quite some time. However, a move can also offer a range of exciting opportunities for children. That’s why we hope to make this relocation easier for your kids, and giving them coloring books is only one small part of that.

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