Housewarming Gifts - The Best Ideas for New Homeowners in 2019

Stepping into someone’s new home is an exciting experience, but don’t show up empty handed! Show them you care and unleash your finely tuned gift choosing skills. The following list contains something for everyone. Make moving a rewarding process by gifting something memorable and straight from the heart.

Of course, the gifts we have in mind (as well as their prices) differ depending on whom we are shopping for. Are we going shopping for a favorite colleague from work, your best friend, or maybe a close family member? A lot of people are perplexed on how much generosity is appropriate. If a good friend has found a new home the rates of a thoughtful gift tend to be around $30-$50. Introducing yourself to a new neighbor? Congratulating a coworker? Most people would cash out $20-$25 for these acquaintances. Family members greatly vary. 

Depending on your means, a round sum of $100 is a traditional number to welcome a new family home. Understandably, different families have different expectations and every family is unique. This list aims to prove the point that anything can be a housewarming gift and the possibilities are endless. They are divided into four categories, so take your pick!

Funny housewarming gifts

We all love a good laugh, and if that’s what you’re after then here are a bunch of interesting ideas for your fun-loving friend:

Funny doormat

Every home needs one or two or three! You simply can’t go wrong here. There are quite a few funny inscriptions to go for. From the double sign which says “Welcome/Go Away”depending on whether you’re coming or going. Or the classic “Come Back With Beer” and many more for you to peruse.

A bunch of batteries

Nothing says practicality like an essential non-perishable. Original, a bit silly and very memorable, buying your hosts a collection of new batteries is great for a laugh. A heavy gift, but 50 batteries will be there when they’re needed.

Book on maintenance

To some people this might be practical and to some it will be funny too. You can get a book about house maintenance and be sure to include your personal pieces of sage advice inside the cover. Examples include: how to plan a budget, simple hacks around the house, and how to save money with diy projects. If your friend isn’t too keen on reading, consider a concise edition of some 200 pages. The new homeowner will get quite a surprise and a chuckle.

Felt rocks rug

For all those homeowners who love teasing their guests, this is the perfect gift. Get them a rug which has the look of real pebbles, but it’s actually as soft as can be. Plus, it brings a little calm and relaxation to any room.

Chemist’s spice rack

Especially handy for anyone working in a lab and it looks pretty cool, too. Perfect for a friend who likes to experiment in the kitchen.

Spaghetti noodle measuring tool

It’s a little thing, but it’s sure to garner attention. Perfect for someone cooking measured amounts or meal prepping. Get them one of these. Notice the final hole is shaped like a horse.

Funny apron

Perhaps you’ve already thought of a funny chef’s apron, but here is the classic gag gift once again. The designs are hilarious and perfect for summer barbecues. Good luck finding one that will make the host want to fire up the grill.

Money bouquet

Money is perfect when you’re indecisive on what to get someone special. Buying a new home is expensive and a bouquet of banknotes would go far.  It’s everyone’s favorite flower!

Funny alarm clock

When they are always known for running late, get them this little fellow which they will have to chase around the bedroom every morning in order to switch it off.

QR code for Wi-Fi

Home is where Wi-Fi is, right? To make everyone’s life easier and provide a smile, give them a nicely framed QR code for the Wi-Fi connection. Smooth, isn’t it?

Practical housewarming gifts

Practical housewarming gifts are great for busy people who like to keep everything well-organized. For some homeowners, it is extremely frustrating to move into a home which is lacking many essentials. So, here is a brief shopping list.

Drywall repair kit

Sure, it may sound a bit pessimistic, but this gift may be perfect for the handy homeowner on your list. A drywall repair kit is a useful item and may assist in home decorating. Not to mention, they may already need this if walls are damaged from previous owners moving out.

Set of kitchen knives

An experienced or an aspiring cook will be wowed with an excellent set of sharp edged knives. A useful upgrade from the mismatched set of utensils from the college years.


A toolbox is an essential item for every home. Toolboxes are a great gift because you can choose to invest in a complete kit or just a starter set. What a thoughtful gift and very practical.

Key holder ( hanger)

Another necessity is a place to keep keys safe. There are so many cute and neat options for key racks and you can personalize it for your gift recipient. Once again, key racks are a gift that will be sure to meet anyone’s budget.

Coffee machine

A dream of every coffee drinker around the world – their own liquid magic maker.

A basket of essentials

Often, it’s the little things that make a house a home. If your friend or family member is in need of many small items, try to wrap them all into one. Build a “cake” made of towels, tools, wooden spoons, cleaning products, soaps, or whatever comes to mind. Consider constructing a gift basket with essentials and small luxury items to reduce the stress that may accompany moving.

Robot vacuum cleaner

Robot vacuums are extremely practical, small and time-saving. Admit it, these robot vacuums are just plain cool, aren’t they?

Gift card

Practical people may really appreciate a gift card to spend how they see fit. It can be as generous as you choose and you can add more meaning by choosing a card for their favorite restaurant or shopping mall. Convenient for both the gift giver and the gift receiver.

House plant

Flowers are always a nice housewarming present. However, if you want to bump it up a notch and if the person is known to have a green thumb, consider adding some greenery for their new home.

Fire extinguisher

Safety first, right? Extremely practical and you can purchase a modern fire extinguisher to actually add to the room’s visual appeal.

Luxurious housewarming gifts

If a touch of luxury is what you seek, you’ll find it here. Take a glance without having to tiptoe through the high end shops. Here is the selection of the very best, chosen based on their practicality or uniqueness.

Picture frames

We all cherish our photos to share our memories. Keep them in a frame that represents how precious they are.

Original bookends

These serpentine bookends truly are something different, aren’t they? An excellent decoration and a real eye-catcher.

Serving spoons

Looking for something small that is going to be used every day? How about a set of serving spoons? These may never be bought by the homeowner because such simple details are often overlooked. High quality and beautifully designed these spoons are sure to make the meal even more pleasant.

Luxurious tray

When you know how your hosts love impressing their guests consider this turquoise tray. Guaranteed to wow them and their future company..

Digital art museum painting

Picasso, Van Gogh, Leonardo, Frida Kahlo, Renoir – all of them in one painting! An original housewarming gift for all art lovers. Cool painting, your choice!

Vertical chess board

Play a game with your host, and let the others predict your next move on a vertical chess board. Alternatively, you could buy a traditional chess set. Either is perfect for family game night.

ORBI Wi-Fi system

Even if the new home is 5,000 square feet this little gadget should provide it with excellent Wi-Fi reception in every room.

Minibeam projector

For all movie fans out there this present is a showstopper! The H550 Minibeam Projector has stunning resolution and will transform any room into a private movie theatre.

Smart TV

The Smart TV is the ultimate gift for someone very special to you. An amazing present, a TV is sure to be something everyone remembers. Make sure your present always brings the smiles with a big TV.


Kitchen appliances are always desirable, and they can look very stylish, too.

Personalized housewarming gifts

Finally, let’s see what you can order to be custom made for your host and their family:

Personalized mugs/cups

Somewhat predictable, but very personal, just like Sunday morning. We all have that favorite mug or cup for drinking tea or coffee in the morning. You can find some Mr. and Mrs. editions, have a message written on them or even a photo.

Wine/Bar glasses

Glasses are another useful gift. Personalized glasses are perfect for new couples. Partner the glasses with a bottle of wine for a welcoming housewarming from the heart.

Throw blanket

Especially useful for outdoor stadiums perhaps a throw blanket is the perfect gift. Keep cold winters at bay with a cozy blanket. Also, this gift will certainly be enjoyed by the whole family. Personalizations vary, but you can add photos or their family name on it.

Garden bench

A house with a large garden absolutely needs a garden bench. You can even have your hosts’ names engraved on it! For the new homeowner that loves their garden this is will ensure many happy seasons of growth.

Serving board

Another practical object that can be engraved to show a warm welcome is the serving board. Perfect for entertainers or big families the serving board will bring a little class whenever it is  used.

Customized dishes

Yes, it’s a thing and good cooks would get a kick out of their name on a stoneware dish. From pie pans to casserole dishes you can take a pick. Perhaps something like “Hudson’s Famous Pie” emblazoned on a dessert dish. Or have ice cream bowls decorated so it’s clear which family member they belong to. The effort will be deeply appreciated and acknowledged.

Wall art

There is plenty to choose from here. Whether it’s the family name or you have a fun message representing them (“Some call it chaos. We call it family. -Walkers”), it will certainly look nice on their living room wall.

Traditional Housewarming Gifts

Visiting a new home is a memorable occasion. Celebrate the new beginning with a simple, yet thoughtful gift. If you would really like to leave an impression, consider these more traditional housewarming gifts. This list contains seemingly ordinary items, but they each come with a lovely message. Unleash your creativity, make them more appealing and show the host you care. Your gift will surely stand out among the usual gift cards and doormats. The timeless message can go on a tag with ribbon or directly on the product’s label.


May you always have joy and never go thirsty.

Very simple, practical, yet traditional and can be unique, too. The choices are vast, so opt for your host’s favorite. Bigger budget? You could buy some wine glasses or a wine decanter to go with it.

Olive oil

May you be blessed with health and well-being.

A bottle of fine olive oil is a gift very much appreciated by every cook. This gift can match the chef’s level of cooking. Special olive oils can add flavor in a bold dish or a bachelor can fry his appetizers. Any host should be happy to receive this useful and interesting gift choice.


May this house never know hunger.

An affordable gift and so easy to find. Check out a bakery you have frequented or try one near the hosts’ new abode. After the burdens and expenses that accompanies moving, it feels good to have someone wish you a stable period.


May the love in your home multiply.

Traditions dictate giving rice to a newly married couple who have just moved in together. This is a sweet sentiment for a couple who wish to start a family. To make it more eye-catching, you can pour rice into a beautiful cookie jar


May you always enjoy the sweetness of life.

A simple message, but what a good one! What could be better than presenting your loved ones with something as special and eternal as honey? The honey from pharaohs’ tombs is edible even after thousands of years. You could even use it to highlight a homemade fruit basket or try presenting it in a nice jar.


May there always be flavor and spice in your life.

In some cultures, bread and salt are vital for a warm welcome. These staples are filling and satisfying. To spice things up, you could buy a curious set of salt and pepper shakers. Does the recipient favor the vintage tastes or maybe modern ones? Perhaps, take the traditional gift of salt in a different direction by bringing your host some relaxing bath salts and aromatic candles.


May your home always have life.

Maybe considered a common house warming gift, the houseplant adds a bit of life to any room. If the host doesn’t have a green thumb look for succulents or other extremely low maintenance flora.


So your life shall always have sweetness.

Sugar carries a similar sentiment as honey. Instead of wrapping a bag of sugar, consider opting for a cake or cookies on a functional tea tray (also a gift).

At the end...

So, there you have it! 40 great ideas to choose from! We end this segment with some sage advice. Spend time recognizing what your host values rather than what you would like to see in your own home. If you’re having trouble with an idea…go get yourself a gift too! This can help you pinpoint a need they have and more easily recognize what the best housewarming gift is for your beloved host.

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