Why Updater Is America’s Favorite Moving App?

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Updater is here to make moving easier! Updater will help you find movers, create task lists, and assist you with contacting your utility providers. Many frequent movers agree that the most unfavorable part of moving is managing and updating all of the bills. The utilities, credit cards and so many other services we depend on for our daily routines must be kept informed of the home address. Sometimes, changing your information with a company can be frustrating and difficult. Furthermore, the list of companies to contact seems never ending. 

What is Moving Updater App?

The Updater App is a time-saving tool that gives you the ability to forward your mail, update businesses with your new address, share moving messages with friends and family, connect internet and services.

Updater is a simple , free app with plenty of options:



Chances are, you have probably moved at least once in your life, which is enough to know what a hassle it is. Of course, you can’t just avoid all the tiresome, boring tasks such as notifying everyone that you’ve changed your address. Someone needs to contact the cable company about connecting TV and internet in your new place (think: a few days without internet). The Updater app can make everything easier, faster, and generally more convenient.

Here is what users like about it:

Updater is simple

The instructions and options are straightforward. Moving customers have been wishing for an easier way to update utilities for ages! The user friendly interface offers a no-guessing menu to find required information. As usual, simple things are the best.

Updater is free!

Time is money, and you’ll be saving both of them in this way. The application is free of charge, and it will help you not waste precious time.

updater dashboard screenshot
Updater Dashboard

Updater has plenty of options

Do you always forget something when moving house? Overlooking a task or two is known to happen frequently. However, this app demands perfection and will keep you on task. The app will help you complete the following:

  • Reserve a moving company – you just type in the addresses, and what kind of inventory you wish to move (office equipment or house furniture, for example), and Updater app will provide you with a list of moving companies along with their quotes.
  • Forward your email – it only takes one tap on the screen to fix this common request.
  • Update your accounts – you probably don’t even realize how many accounts you have in your name until you check this app. Bank accounts, internet, cable, magazine subscriptions, electricity, gas, water, and all the rest will be brought up by Updater.
  • Search tool – if you can’t think of all the accounts you’re supposed to notify, Updater can run your name through a number of databases containing your name and old address. Then, you can decide if you need to inform them about your move.
  • New insurance – a new home needs a new insurance policy. It would be best if you had it the moment you set foot into your new home –walk into your new place with the confidence that comes with insurance. Starting it early makes it easy. Updater will take care of home insurance, and even give you options for a car or umbrella insurance, too.
  • Customer service – not everything is about being high-tech. Talking to a robot when a problem arises is frustrating. Understanding technicians are irreplaceable, and helpful staff will resolve your worries and offer advice on any dilemma.

Finally, an app exists where users can fill out forms with the click of a button. Updater can also find needed businesses or services to help you with your upcoming move. Updater can provide you with competitive offers and reserve a booking time for goods and services. For example, you may need a new mattress, a ride with Uber, or hire a cleaning service. Moving homes exerts many demands and this new app can help in so many ways. Updater can provide reminders and important details for an organized move and help you inform companies of your change of address.

Updater really understands the moving business. Needless to say, it’s not absolutely perfect. There are two things which may make you pause before you sign up:

  • Sharing lots of your personal information with an app. It’s inevitable, but some people are not fond of it.
  • No online utilities – sometimes, not all the utilities you wish to update for your new location have the option of doing that online. Despite many users requesting online login access there are some companies drag their feet in the technology department.

At the end...

All things considered, we believe Updater will prove itself to be an extremely valuable asset for any move. Just download the app, and in a few minutes, you will see just how easy moving can be with “an app for that”.

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