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Best Washington, D.C. suburbs to live

Best Washington Suburbs to Live
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Washington D.C. is a diverse city featuring many schools, wonderful job opportunities, museums, important institutions and historical buildings, and more.

Though moving to Washington, D.C. has its benefits, moving to a suburb or small town also has its advantages. Life in the suburbs is typically quieter, with more affordable housing and less traffic – but those are just some of the perks! Read on the discover more about what it’s like to live in some of Washington D.C.’s best suburbs.

Why choose suburbs

Best Washington, D.C. suburbs to live. Why choose suburbs?

Living in the suburbs is the best of both worlds. You are removed from the city hustle and bustle while simultaneously being within a reasonable commuting distance. Statistics show that more and more people are deciding to move to the suburbs. Life in the suburbs is typically associated with families with children, but in the last few years, there has been an increasing number of millennials and older people moving to peaceful suburban areas near Washington D.C. If you are still hesitant about moving to a cul de sac, continue reading to discover some of suburbia’s benefits.

  • Less crowded – We all know how frustrating crowds can be and how much they interfere with our daily duties. Suburban life is quieter and without traffic jams, allowing you to organize your free time better.
  • More space – Homes in suburban areas are often more spacious and affordable than metropolitan areas. Living in the suburbs will allow you to have more space for less cost.
  • Lower crime rate – Another important thing when choosing a place to live is safety, especially for families with small children. If you choose to live in the suburbs, you can sleep tight knowing you are completely safe.
  • Better education –  The education system is excellent, with most schools being nearby as well as being safer than those in bigger cities. We know that many families move to Washington D. C. because of great schools, but many suburbs have equally good education systems. Your kids will also be able to build long-lasting friendships and relationships.

Best suburbs near Washington, D.C. for families

Frederick, Maryland

Frederick, Maryland. Photo by Ron Cogswell (

Our choice of best suburbs for families are:

  • Frederick, Maryland
  • Gaithersburg, Maryland
  • Reston, Virginia

One of the main reasons many families choose to live in suburban areas is to avoid the downfalls of city life, such as city traffic, big crowds, less time for family and friends, and an overall hectic day-to-day life. Living in peaceful and smaller neighborhoods will give parents more time to spend with their kids, which is why we have selected some of the best suburban areas near Washington D.C that are perfect for family life.

  • Frederick, Maryland Frederick is a great place to raise a young family. Great schools and low rate crimes are just some of the perks. Another great thing about living there is its proximity to Washington D.C. This wonderful place is only an hour away from the capital city. Driving time to D.C.: 59 minutes
  • Gaithersburg, Maryland –  Gaithersburg is located in Montgomery County, and many claim that it’s one of the best places for happy family life. Even the public schools in Gaithersburg are highly rated, so we believe that your family will enjoy discovering all benefits of suburban life. Driving time to D.C.: 38 minutes
  • Reston, VirginiaReston is the smallest suburb area near Washington D.C. If you want to have all the perks of the capital city and the perks of living in a smaller neighborhood, then look no further. Reston is full of outstanding schools and wonderful places for great family life. Driving time to D.C.: 34 minutes

Best suburbs near Washington, D.C. for millennials

Alexandria, Virginia. Photo by Pinay Flying High (

Our choice of best suburbs for millennials are:

  • Alexandria, Virginia
  • Bethesda, Maryland
  • Arlington, Virginia

Recent data has shown an increasing number of millennials moving to suburbs. Singles, students, and young professionals are willing to start their life in peaceful, more rural areas, so they have been leaving crowded cities in favor of more affordable housing in the suburbs. According to new research, a staggering number of people aged 25 to 34 have decided to makethe move from urban areas to suburbia, the COVID-19 pandemic playing a huge part in their decision.

  • Alexandria, Virginia – This suburban area is especially convenient for millennials because it’s only a 20-minute drive to the capital of the United States. All those who travel to work or study in D.C can easily get to their office or university without having to worry about being late or too far away. Driving time to D.C.: 20 minutes
  • Bethesda, Maryland – Bethesda is great if you want to skip the hassle of the big city, but still have some benefits of living near one. Driving time to D.C.: 30 minutes
  • Arlington, Virginia – We all know how important nightlife can be to millennials. Arlington is located five miles west of the capital city, and it’s perfect for those who love exciting city life with great cafes, restaurants, and shopping. Driving time to D.C.: 12 minutes

Best suburbs near Washington, D.C. for senior citizens

Clarksburg, Maryland. Photo by Mr.TinDC (

Our choice of best suburbs for senior citizens are:

  • Stone Ridge, Virginia
  • Loudoun Valley Estates, Virginia
  • Clarksburg, West Virginia

The vast majority of the elderly population wants to live a peaceful, quiet, and secluded life. They are in sensitive years when they should take the most care of themselves and their health. For these reasons, living in the suburbs can be the perfect choice for them. The suburbs are less crowded with more space for recreation, less pollution, noise, and commotion.

  • Stone Ridge, Virginia – This area is perfect for senior citizens looking for peace and quiet. Stone Ridge is a popular suburb located in Loudoun County. Those searching for a safe and affordable place to retire should consider this wonderful place. Many say this is the best county to live in in Virginia. Driving time to D.C.: 41 minutes
  • Loudoun Valley Estates, Virginia – Living in Loudoun Valley Estates will give you a unique rural and urban mix. Many senior residents have decided to spend their retirement in this area because it gives them space and security. Driving time to D.C.: 37 minutes
  • Clarksburg, West Virginia – Clarksburg is another great suburb for senior citizens with more physical and mental health vulnerabilities than younger adults. Clarksburg has it all – beautiful surroundings, great restaurants, and enough green spaces for movement and recreation. Living in this area, senior citizens will have a nice and peaceful retirement.

Washington, D.C.’s most affordable suburbs

Hyattsville, Maryland. Photo by Mr.TinDC (

Our choice of most afforbable suburbs are:

  • Hyattsville, Maryland
  • Silver Spring, Maryland
  • Woodbridge, Virginia

We all know how expensive life in big cities can be – chances are you have experienced it first hand. Unfortunately, the capital city is a pricey place to live. Standards in big cities are sometimes unreachable to new families. That is why we have compiled a list of affordable suburb areas near Washington, D.C. 

  • Hyattsville, Maryland – Located just across the District of Columbia-Maryland line, Hyattsville is one of the most affordable suburbs near Washington D.C. Hyattsville is as close as you can get to the capital city without having to spend too much money on finding a decent apartment. Many students and young professionals starting their respective paths choose to live in this popular suburban area.
  • Silver Spring, Maryland – If you are looking for affordable condos, then Silver Spring can be a good choice for you. The entire area is filled with students, young adults, and families with children. It’s only six miles away from Washington, D.C., and, being well connected to D.C, commuting doesn’t take long.
  • Woodbridge, Virginia – Cheap apartments and a safe neighborhood is something that Woodbridge can give to its residents. You won’t have to spend unreasonable amounts of money to afford decent accommodation in this area. Woodbridge has a very special small-town vibe that is particularly appealing to families with young children. Nature lovers will especially enjoy the breathtaking scenery.

Washington D.C.’s wealthiest suburbs

Chevy Chase, Maryland. Photo by Robert Gray (

Our choice of wealthiest suburbs are:

  • Chevy Chase, Maryland
  • Potomac, Maryland
  • South Kensington, Maryland

Life in the suburbs can be exceptionally comfortable, but have you ever wondered what living in some of the best and wealthiest areas near the American capital looks like? Prestige can be an important factor to consider, and location also plays a significant role. Not everyone has a tight budget, so they search for more luxurious places to live; you should consider some of our suggestions:

  • Chevy Chase, Maryland –  Chevy Chase is one of the most beautiful, popular, and expensive suburbs near Washington, D.C. located in Montgomery County. This place is a dream come true, perfect for anyone looking to start a family. There are many great restaurants, cafes, shops, and parks. Also, the public schools are highly rated.
  • Potomac, MarylandThis suburban community has some of the most beautiful houses with expansive lawns and gorgeous surroundings. Neighborhoods in this area are safe and peaceful. Excellent jobs, great schools, incredible food, and many more wonderful things are waiting for you in Potomac, MD.
  • South Kensington, Maryland  – South Kensington is one of the best suburbs for family life. People living there have easy access to some of the area’s best outdoor activities. South Kensington is primarily a residential suburb, but you can still find many great places to go out and have fun.
suburb aerial shot

Our choice of the most popular suburbs are:

  • Wesley Heights
  • Chevy Chase Village
  • Barnaby Woods
  • Haymarket

Choosing where to live is one of the most important life decisions. Time spent traveling back and forth to your office can easily get on your nerves. These popular suburban areas have it all! They are incredibly peaceful and filled with breathtaking scenery. Washington, D.C. is near, so you can commute to work without any problems and delays.

  • Wesley Heights – Peaceful, quiet, and dignified – is how the Washington Post describes Wesley Heights. If peace is what you’re after, start looking at our affordable packing prices! This neighborhood has it all – it is close to many restaurants and shops on New Mexico Avenue and is surrounded by parks!
    The houses combine the old and new building styles, so you are constantly in awe of the beautifully modernized Tudor buildings. The people living in Wesley Heights are particularly outdoorsy and quite amiable. Residents are known for spending time in their gardens and chatting with neighbors.
  • Chevy Chase Village – Chevy Chase Village is a wonderful place to live, especially if you enjoy walking. The residents of Chevy Chase Village often boast about leaving their cars in the garage as everything is within walking distance. This suburb is on the very border of the city and is quite old – it was founded in 1890! Many houses are built in the beautiful styles popular in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.
  • Barnaby Woods Another beautiful D.C. neighborhood with lots of greenery, springs, and streams. Barnaby Woods boasts an “open-door policy” as the neighbors are known to be incredibly friendly and welcoming. The community hosts regular gatherings for young and old alike to enjoy freedom, open space, and friends.
  • Haymarket – Haymarket will tempt you to call the long-distance movers ASAP. This suburb was rated as the best suburb to raise a family in. Haymarket has a smaller population than the previous suburbs – only about 1,800 people reside here. The public schools have excellent ratings, which is one reason why families with children choose to move here. Unsurprisingly, Haymarket continues to grow rapidly as the scenery and great reputation continues to draw new residents.

The D.C. suburbs have it all and life there has numerous advantages. You can easily acces the capital and enjoy all its perks without putting up with the disadvantages of everyday life in a big city.

Choosing to start your life in peaceful, less crowded, and stress-free areas will provide you with more free time and a better perspective of everyday life. Our professional movers are here to help you with that. We have years of experience of successfully relocated many happy customers in the DMV area, and maybe you can be the next!

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