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How do I Choose The Right School For My Child?

How do I Choose The Right School For My Child?

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Moving is a tremendous undertaking, and moving with children adds another dimension to an already stressful situation. While Zip Moving & Storage is helping you out with the packing and moving of your belongings, spend time with your children to offer emotional and mental support. 

Sometimes we forget how moving affects our little ones. Zip Moving & Storage wants to simplify your move in all ways possible. Our experts conducted research on how to find the best schools in Maryland and have outlined tips to make your transition smooth for your children below!

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How do I choose the right school for my child?

Not sure how to find the right school for your child? We’ve compiled a list of common factors that are crucial to finding a school that suits your standards. Every family is unique, so it is important to take your time when deciding on the best school, ask the right questions, and learn more about each school’s values and beliefs:

How to find the right school for your child
  • Personal values and your child’s needs

This specific factor is very unique to each family. Finding a school that offers an education that aligns with your beliefs is of great importance. For example, is the school religious? Does it have a uniform policy? Are weekend sports compulsory? Inquire about specifics such as details about the learning environment, whether or not there is an English language acquisition program, and if the school is public or private.

  • Practical considerations

What does the commute to school look like? Is there transportation offered or how much will gas cost for the drive? Are the classrooms large and airy? Does the school offer before and aftercare?

  • School-specific factors

Get to know more about the school itself, such as the background of the director, principal, and teachers. Learn about the school’s philosophy, see which clubs and sporting teams are offered, and how the school supports children with additional needs. Be sure to also check-in on the class sizes and student-teacher ratio.

  • School Safety

Research which safety procedures are implemented to ensure a safe and secure environment for the students. How does the school prevent and handle problems involving tobacco, alcohol, and drugs? Does the school have an emergency plan for local and national emergencies? How does the school communicate with parents in case of an emergency?

How has COVID-19 affected schools across the U.S.?

The COVID-19 global pandemic set new challenges for students across America in 2020. Looking ahead, districts plan to prioritize the physical, emotional, and mental well-being of students and teachers alike.

As a parent, one of the biggest challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic is letting your kid be a kid. It is tough explaining this complex and unfamiliar situation to our little ones. All of the school districts across the U.S. have to vote in favor of reopening the schools, therefore some schools will reopen for in-person classes while others will be conducted online.

A recovery plan for education is set and has been put into effect across the country. Below are the school protocols for COVID-19. Students are strongly encouraged to practice these measurements outside of school as well, to prevent the risk of infection:

  • Physical distancing at school
  • Practicing health and hand hygiene
  • Cleaning and disinfecting in and out of the classroom
  • Actions to take if student\teacher appears sick

Planning where to move is your first step. We have helped many of our customers in deciding where to live in Maryland according to the best school districts. At Zip Moving & Storage we strongly recommend starting this procedure as early as possible, which leaves you with more time for you and your family to research schools and be comfortable with the school you choose to enroll your child in.

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