Moving Terminology – Complete List

Moving Terminology – Complete List

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Whether you are moving your home or office, moving companies and real estate agents may use moving-specific terms that can leave you bewildered. Not to worry, we’ve all been there before! At Zip Moving & Storage, we prioritize providing a positive moving experience, and that starts by explaining all of the moving terminologies you may hear during the moving process. If you are confused at any moment, don’t hesitate to ask! Our customer service representatives are patient and willing to take the time to explain the many terms in our moving dictionary.

Without further ado let’s get started!

Moving Terminology by zip moving and storage

#1 Virtual Survey

Zip Moving & Storage has the infrastructure to generate an accurate moving estimate remotely! You will simply receive a video call from your moving coordinator and do a walkthrough of your home. During the walkthrough, let the coordinator know everything you wish to move. Your inventory will be taken note of by the coordinator and an accurate moving estimate will be generated.

#2 In-Home Estimate

One of our moving agents will visit your home and perform a walkthrough. During the walkthrough, let the moving agent know everything you wish to move. The agent will take note of your inventory and generate an accurate moving estimate.

#3 White-Glove Service

The crème de la crème of moving services! This service consists of full professional packing by our experts, the efficient loading of your belongings onto our moving truck, and the transportation and unloading of all of your belongings at your destination.

#4 Cash on Delivery (COD)

Payment is required upon delivery of your belongings, prior to the unloading of the items at your destination.

#5 Order for Service

A document authorizing a motor carrier, in this case, our employee, to transport your household goods. Note, this is not a contract

#6 ETA

An acronym for the estimated time of arrival. Our agents will use that term when communicating with our on-the-ground movers.

#7 High-Value Articles

Pieces of furniture or items that are valued at more than $100 per pound. Our movers carry a document with notes about your valuables ensuring the best care possible.

#8 Long and Short-Term Storage

#9 Quote

An estimate of how much your move will approximately cost. A quote is generated with one of our sales representatives over the phone or online and is free of charge!

#10 Inventory

A list of all of your belongings you wish to move. Inventory is done together with our moving coordinator. It’s of great importance to be as detailed as you can since this list also serves to note the condition and value of your belongings.

#11 Deposit

A small amount of money that is paid to the moving company once you book your move to secure the move date. A security deposit is standard practice by many moving companies. The deposit is refundable with sufficient notice of cancellation.

#12 Balance due

The total sum of money that needs to be paid by the customer by the set due date. Paying the balance usually happens before the movers unload your belongings at your new location.

#13 Moving Coordinator