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Moving To Maryland: Pros and Cons

moving to maryland
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Maryland, though one of the smallest states, is packed with amazing places and sights that will pleasantly surprise you. Moving to Maryland is a big decision with many pros (and a few cons), but with years of experience relocating happy new residents, Zip Moving and Storage has gathered our best tips to ensure a seamless move.  

With beautiful scenery, the most amazing beaches on the Atlantic Coast, and the Blue Ridge Mountains of Appalachia, Maryland is a wonderful state to choose to relocate to. In addition to the attractive landscape, Maryland offers great schools for your children and exciting work opportunities. Let’s take a look at some of the pros…


Pros to moving to Maryland

Proximity to Several U.S Cities and Diverse Culture

The State of Maryland, and its major city of Baltimore, is one of the best geographically located areas in the U.S. Baltimore is only a 30-minute drive from Washington D.C., offering an easy commute for those working in the bustling job economy of the nation’s capital. Additionally, Philadelphia is a quick 1-hour drive, and you can reach New York City in only 2 hours. This amazing location is a huge advantage when living in Maryland.

Maryland is home to a very diverse culture. Being that it hugs the Mason-Dixon line, Maryland offers both Northern and Southern U.S. culture. According to the latest statistics, four of Maryland’s cities landed in the top 10 list of 500 most culturally diverse cities in America. With that said, living in Maryland will allow you to interact with different cultures, offering a unique opportunity to learn more each day.