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How to Pack Photographs for a Seamless Move


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The Art of Packing Photographs: Tips and Techniques

Zip Moving and Storage, a long-established moving company, has been dedicated to helping numerous clients in various situations. We recognize the paramount importance of your memories, often vividly captured in cherished photographs, preserving moments of special significance.

How Do Movers Pack Pictures?

Movers pack pictures by wrapping each in packing paper or bubble wrap and placing them in sturdy, labeled picture boxes with added cushioning. This ensures special protection during the move.

The boxes are sealed tightly with packing tape and loaded upright in the moving truck, secured to prevent shifting during transportation.

Upon arrival at the new location, unpack the pictures, inspect for any damage, and put them in their designated spots. To help you understand this process better, here’s a step-by-step guide.

1. Organize and sort photographs

Initiate the packing process with effective organization. Arrange your pictures based on their significance to you, and pay attention to the dimensions of the frames. This thoughtful sorting will facilitate a smoother packing experience.

Organize and sort photographs

2. Get suitable packing materials

Before packing, gather essential materials such as picture boxes, packing paper, bubble wrap, packing tape, cardboard boxes, labels, and markers.

3. Wrap every photograph

Give your photos the care they deserve by wrapping them in a blissful cloud of bubble wrap. Place the wrapped pictures in prepared picture boxes, ensuring a snug fit while maintaining manageability.

4. Pack photographs in small cardboard boxes

Small moving boxes are ideal for meticulously packing fragile and weighty objects like books. They are also perfect for safeguarding your cherished photo frames.

I’d like to repeat the importance of wrapping each frame in packing paper, double-wrapping, and filling the gaps between the frames with crumpled packing paper or soft towels. Ensure that there is no empty space surrounding the frames to enhance their protection during the move.

Pack photographs in small cardboard boxes

5. Label the boxes

Clearly label each box with its contents and room destination. This crucial step facilitates a more manageable unpacking process in your new home, allowing you to identify and handle fragile or essential items quickly.

6. Seal and secure the boxes

Seal picture boxes with packing tape, ensuring a tight closure to prevent any movement during the move. Conduct a gentle shake test before moving the box to confirm its stability. If you hear movement, add more packing material for additional protection.

Ask Professional Movers to Pack Your Photos

We understand if packing, wrapping, and arranging your frames feels stressful or overwhelming. Your memories are of the utmost importance, and it’s crucial to ensure they remain preserved and untouched during the journey to your next destination.

In such cases, to avoid additional stress, you can always turn to our experienced Zip movers. With a wealth of expertise in packing and transporting artwork, our movers are meticulous and skilled at safeguarding fragile items, ensuring your memories remain preserved and untouched during the journey to your next destination.