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Top 7 Cities near Atlanta

Top Cities near Atlanta
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The capital of the South, better known as the city of Atlanta, boasts a genuinely captivating cultural scene and vibrant community. For many, the famous Big Peach is a welcoming haven and a melting pot.

Top 7 Cities near Atlanta

However, like any crowded metropolis, the hustle and bustle of city life can sometimes disrupt your daily rhythm. This could be one of the reasons why you yearn for cities close to Atlanta. Leading us to a critical question, which cities near Atlanta provide the perfect blend of city living and suburban relaxation?

Keep reading to discover some of the best cities near Atlanta!

1. Marietta

Marietta is a charming place located just a 20-minute drive northwest of Atlanta. Its proximity to the Big A allows many residents to commute to their jobs in the city easily. The roads are well-connected, making the commute relatively quick and convenient. With its population, Marietta stands as one of the more popular cities in the region, captivating residents with its unique charm and allure, so it’s no wonder we proudly rank Marietta as the top choice on our list. If you are considering moving to Marietta, click here to learn more about our professional moving services.

Old House / Marietta, Georgia

Population: 60,972
Proximity to Atlanta: 20 miles northwest of Atlanta
Time travel to Atlanta: Approximately 40 minutes drive
Average Marietta home value: Around $456,467

2. Sandy Springs

Sandy Springs can be the perfect place for you if you are looking for an exquisite family residence or a luxurious apartment. Renowned for its impressive real estate offerings, the city is the region’s prime choice. 

King and Queen - Last upload of 2008

Sandy Springs has a thriving business landscape, attracting significant businesses and providing excellent employment opportunities. Its proximity to Atlanta is very appealing to families. If you’re moving to Sandy Springs, we completely understand you, and our movers will ensure your relocation goes smoothly!

Proximity to Atlanta: 16 miles away from Atlanta
Time travel to Atlanta: Approximately 30 to 40 minute drive
Average Sandy Springs home value: Around $628,839

3. Decatur

Many claim that Decatur is the heart of Dekalb County. Frequent travelers can appreciate the convenience of Decatur’s proximity to Atlanta. Decatur’s location offers easy access to major highways and transportation hubs, making it convenient for residents to travel to nearby cities or explore the rest of Georgia.


The area is famous for its genuine Southern hospitality, warmly greeting new residents and caring for their communities. The Decatur housing market is competitive, with the median price range between $315K and $450K. Decatur has a lot to offer!

Population: 23,953,
Proximity to Atlanta: 7 miles away from Atlanta
Time travel to Atlanta: Approximately 20 to 30 minute drive
Average Decatur home value: $315,222

4. Roswell

Roswell is another famous city nestled close to Atlanta. What attracts a lot of people to move to Roswell is its beautiful neighborhoods. Roswell’s public schools are highly esteemed, offering many excellent educational opportunities. The road that connects Roswell and Atlanta is Georgia State Route 400 (GA-400), meaning that many find it easy to live in Roswell, a smaller, quieter place, while commuting to Atlanta for work.

Population: 91,619
Proximity to Atlanta: 22 mile
Time travel to Atlanta: Approximately 50 minute drive
Average Roswell home value: $605,895

5. Alpharetta

Nestled in the warm embrace of Atlanta’s northern suburbs, Alpharetta stands out as a unique gem of its own, a city that combines modern attraction with southern charm. Being just a stone’s throw away from Atlanta, this city gives its residents many job opportunities and urban amenities.

073015 Alpharetta Scenes

Alpharetta will provide you with a blend of urban and suburban vibes, top-notch schools, and low crime rates, making it an excellent place for family-orientated people. Relocating to Alpharetta has never been easier with the right help of our experienced professional movers.

Population: 66,446 
Proximity to Atlanta: 25 mile
Time travel to Atlanta: Approximately 60 minute drive
Average Alpharetta home value: $655,121

6. Fairburn

Discover the enchanting allure of this historically charming city, nestled in the vicinity of Atlanta, that will surely captivate your heart. Fairburn offers all the essentials for a tranquil and harmonious life, with a crime rate below the national average, making it an ideal haven for retirees and families. And with just a stroke of luck, you can reach Atlanta in just half an hour, unlocking a world of exciting possibilities for job seekers and career growth. If you plan to move to Fulton County, no worries; we got your back.

(Old) Campbell County Court House

Proximity to Atlanta: 20 miles
Time travel to Atlanta: Approximately 30 minute drive
Average Fairburn home value: $332,038

7. Tucker

Located in the famous DeKalb County in Georgia, Tucker offers its residents a fantastic mix of urban and suburban. According to, Tucker is one of the best areas to live in. Tucker proudly stands as the esteemed corporate hub for many renowned companies, each leaving an indelible mark on the national stage. Home to powerhouses like Oglethorpe Power, YP Holdings, and many others, this city provides excellent job opportunities for people of all ages. If you are also considering relocating there and looking for a new job, let professional Tucker movers do their magic and seamlessly relocate you there.

Tucker High School.jpg
By Gulbenk - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0, Link

Population: 36,764
Proximity to Atlanta: 20 miles
Time travel to Atlanta: Approximately 30 minute drive
Average Tucker home value: $375,349

  • Special tip -Remember that the time estimates are more of a ballpark figure and can vary a lot depending on the traffic and the schedule you’re traveling in. Additionally, the mileage and travel duration from the mentioned places to Atlanta may vary depending on your chosen route and time of day.

Urban metropolis or smaller place - the decision is yours!

Atlanta, urban metropolis or smaller place - the decision is yours!

Let Atlanta captivate you with its urban energy. Nearby cities offer endless possibilities, each with its distinct perks and advantages. You will not be able to run away from the historic charm of Marietta and Roswell, and you will fall in love with the suburban appeal of Decatur and Alpharetta. When it comes to Sandy Springs, you will enjoy its metropolitan vibrance as much as its peaceful bliss. As always, the decision is entirely on you to decide which city suits you best, and we wish you all the best in your new life chapter!