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Where Are People Moving to Georgia From?

Where Are People Moving to Georgia From
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Georgia is one of the top states when it comes to popular destinations in the USA. People from all over the country flock to Atlanta, Columbus, and Savannah, and smaller cities such as Albany and Athens. Relocating to Georgia may be difficult, but we’re here to make it easier for you. Let’s see where people are moving to Georgia from and the most significant benefits of making this state your new home.

Where Are People Moving to Georgia From?

States People Leave for Georgia

It’s not uncommon for families to decide a state is no longer suitable for their lifestyle. Our needs and preferences change, so finding a place that suits you better at a particular moment in life is okay. In recent years, several states represent the most significant contributors to Georgia’s population:

  • Texas
  • California
  • Florida
  • Alabama
  • North Carolina
  • New York
  • South Carolina

New residents come from all over the country. However, these states are where people come to Georgia from the most – tens of thousands of people each year!

States People Leave for Georgia

Leaving Texas for Georgia

Stats show that people leaving Texas are mostly millennials looking for more affordable homes and a higher-quality lifestyle. With Georgia being one of the top candidates, it’s not uncommon for Texans to find new homes in the Peach State. Other reasons include weather, healthcare, and an unstable real estate situation.

Leaving New York – Is Atlanta better than NYC?

More than 16 thousand people moved to Atlanta from New York in 2022 looking for more peaceful and less expensive life conditions. Even though NYC may be one of the most popular cities in the world, living there requires specific life changes. And for the most part, people leave for the high prices of homes and living costs.

Florida or Georgia – Would You Trade Beaches for Mountains?

Even though this might surprise you, many families are leaving Florida to move to Georgia for a more affordable lifestyle and work opportunities. Indeed, Florida is still one of the most popular states in the country.

However, the state is vast and undoubtedly a melting pot, very similar to New York. This affects the prices in the housing market but also creates a bustling atmosphere in the job market, traffic, and more. The number of tourists also helps this situation, which is why many people swap beaches for mountains and enjoy their bit of peace up north.

Georgia mountains

Trading the Golden State for the Peach State

Even though California and Georgia are not that close, you can find a lot of Californians in Georgia these days. People moving from the West Coast to the East Coast often choose Georgia as their new home for various reasons – lower cost of living, better retirement conditions, lifestyle preferences, or job opportunities.

Though California is a prevalent state, ordinary people often struggle to maintain a simple lifestyle there. Very often, they are drawn to the cultural and environmental differences between California and Georgia to seek a more peaceful lifestyle.

Why Should Georgia Be Your New Home?

Moving to a new state can be pretty complicated – there are many factors to consider before choosing the perfect place for your family. However, Georgia makes things a bit easier. Here are the top 4 reasons why moving to Georgia should be on your calendar in 2024:

Why Should Georgia Be Your New Home?

1. You’ll love the weather

Georgia proudly boasts a humid subtropical climate, which means only one thing – you don’t need to worry about prolonged and harsh winters. Instead, winters here are mild and friendly. You’ll spend less on winter car equipment and clothes, which results in substantial savings over time.

Regarding summertime, Georgia is Florida’s true neighbor – hot, humid summers with an average of 89 degrees Fahrenheit. While you won’t need heavy winter equipment, have a raincoat and an umbrella – rainfalls are common in Georgia all year long. In general, cooler temperatures are typical here, meaning you’ll have plenty of opportunity for outdoor adventures.

2. Save money and spend it on the things you love

If you’re looking for a way to cut down living costs and spend more time on traveling, hobbies, and enjoyment – moving to the Peach State might be the answer. Compared to neighboring states, Georgia offers affordable housing, with the cost of living over 10% lower than the national average. 

Utilities are almost 12% lower, and housing is 20% more affordable. This means you can easily find a family home within your budget and avoid spending a fortune on this move.

Can you save even more on the upcoming move?

Careful choice of a professional moving team and avoiding common mistakes can make a huge difference in your moving budget. Pick a moving company that discloses their fees without any hidden costs. Furthermore, detailed preparation for the moving day can help you save, too. 

Decluttering your home before packing, choosing more efficient and affordable packing supplies, and organizing the process better can help you avoid unnecessary expenses. Just be sure to start making plans on time and be as efficient and organized as possible – our team in Georgia will take care of your belongings safely and without any hassle.

3. Amazing outdoors

All nature enthusiasts will love it in Georgia – landscapes filled with beautiful mountains and lakes are extraordinary in the fall. Whether you go hiking or take a road trip, enjoying fall foliage in Georgia is genuinely spectacular.

Georgia Amazing outdoors

4. A friendly community

A slow-paced lifestyle and a tight community atmosphere are nurtured in most Georgia cities. You’ll be welcome to meet your new neighbors and chit-chat on the street, even with a stranger. A sense of community is essential in Georgia, and you’ll love every bit of it!

Start Browsing Homes Today

Finding a new home and making a transition is a process, so start immediately. A moving adventure involves many steps, and if you want your move to go as smoothly as possible, make a detailed plan.

Scheduling your moving day, preparing and packing your belongings, and finding a suitable property for your family takes time and effort, but it’s all worth it! Once you unpack and begin a new life chapter, you’ll discover all the wonders Georgia offers.

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