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The Fun Side of Moving

Gifs about Packing and Moving

Gifs about packing and moving
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We are here to show you that moving doesn’t always have to be difficult or stressful. Even in those crucial moments in life, a good laugh is often essential, and that’s exactly what we offer you through this series of gifs. We hope you’ll laugh as much as we did while creating them!


We all know how much fun and excitement moving is! Right?!

Girl panicking inside

Moving Can Be Fun

Moving….everyone always makes it seem like such a horrible thing. It can’t be that bad considering everyone does it so often.

Redhead girl on a stage

Once you start getting numbers involved, whether it is the budget for the movers or the amount of boxes you will need, it’s never the number we envisioned.

Guy looking disappointed

Realizing You Need to Move

Acceptance is always the hardest step to take. Same goes for moving. We all want to be quick, efficient and get it all done in one go, but how possible is that?

Homer running and grunting with a moving box

Realizing that this is something that you will need to deal with, whether you like it or not is the hardest part.

Baby girl crying on the table

Keep in mind that ZIP is here to help you any way possible! Don’t overwhelm yourself and try to put too much on your plate at once.

Sponge Bob cleaning his little house

Unless that’s your jam, in which case we don’t want to hear about any horror stories.

Homer disappearing in the bushes

The D-Day But We Call it Moving Day

It’s moving day!

Depending on the type of person you are, there are only so many acceptable moods to be in.

Homer and his dog driving the pink car
Man making funny faces
People in the office
Man being annoyed
Girl crying in the bedroom with boxes

Whichever mood you found yourself connecting with the most, ZIP is here to make moving easy.

Man in the stadium

Hiring Movers or DIY Move

When moving, we all somehow come to the same conclusion.

Exited girl in pink t-shirt

Get friends and family to help. After all, why not use the fact that they tolerate and like us by making them carry our old sofa couch.

Two guys talking

As much as we support friends and family helping out, please ensure that they are willing participants and know what they are doing.

Guy dropping the couch because his phone
Guys trying to catch a chair

Aaaannnnnddd this is the point where we all start calling moving companies.

Guy with curly hair and glasses
Girl crying over the phone

What About Packing?

We get to the best part of moving…PACKING! As I like to call it – The Boxesville Central!

Two women surrounded by tons of moving boxes

They will be everywhere. Even if you place them in a certain room, they will always be in the way. There will come a point where you utter this next sentence…

Two police officers in the car

To make your life easier (and movers’ life, if you decide to go down that route) please ensure to pack your boxes accordingly.

The guy tries to pick up moving boxes

Packing always seemed like a very quick and effortless process. And I’m sure for some people it really is. In my head it goes something like this.

Packing everything into one suitcase

And yet at the end, I somehow always end up doing one of these.

Girl trying to pack too many things

Don't Let the Moving Stress Get to You

Phew, survived packing, now it’s time to actually move. Keep a leveled head and don’t let small incidents get to you.

Lady being angry in the classroom

Just take a deep breath and everything will be just fine.

Tired guy in a white jumper

There will be moments where you might want to just throw your hands in the air and let it all burn to the ground.

Guy surrounded by moving boxes

If all else fails, a nap is always the best answer.

Guy taking a nap

Bulky Furniture Experts

Ever looked at those cars inside the malls and wondered how they got them in? Sometimes the same can be said for certain furniture pieces.

Resolving a math problem

Professional experts tend to have a better idea on how to get certain pieces of furniture to fit through small spaces.

Trying to move a huge couch

Especially on how best to transport them to your new home.

Trying to put the couch in the car

Wait, Unpacking?

Feel like there is something left…oh yes! Unpacking!

Girl seeing confused

Is it just me or does it always seem like there are more items to unpack than what you packed?

Woman trying to pack a moving box

Usually the boxes end up being pushed from one side of the room to the other, until you actually need something. Feel like they are secretly judging me.

A man looking bored

All Done

Woohoo! You did it!

A man applauding

We are so proud of you!

A man holding a glass of drink

Now go and get yourself a drink. You deserve it.

A woman drinking from a huge glass

Hope that was as fun for you as it was for us. If you’re planning a move soon, and want to make sure you steer clear of some of the above-mentioned issues, feel free to give us a call and we’d be more than happy to help.

We’re waiting for you!


Man looking at his clock

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